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Barber Shop is an authentic collection of leather accessories entirely handcrafted in Italy.  Created with your unique needs as a photographer in mind, Barber Shop will take care of your gear, so that you can put all of yourself in what you do best.

The barber is the man you entrust your own skin. With the same care we build our bags and accessories, with an accurate attention to detail and that unique Italian taste that makes every product authentic, special and distinct. That’s why every Barber Shop bag can be personalized with your initials at the time of the purchase.

  • Barber Shop - Handcrafted

    Bespoke and Handmade

    Every detail of Barber Shop products is designed and  tailored  to  fit  the  needs  of  photographers, without  giving  up  style,  elegance  and  the uniqueness of hand made goods.
  • Time is Precious

    Time is Precious

    To lovingly handcraft a Barber Shop bag an average of 2 hours 1/2 of work are needed: Barber Shop embraces slowness and wishes everyone to discover its intrinsic value 
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Barber Shop Bags - Dreamed in Bassano Del Grappa

Barber Shop bags and accessories have been conceived and styled in Bassano del Grappa, a small jewel of a town set in the north-east of Italy,
in the province of Vicenza. From the choice of the leathers, coming from the finest tanneries in Vicenza - among the most excellent production centers
and point of reference for the most famous leatherwear brands in the world - to the design and manufacture of every single metal detail, the whole Barber Shop
collection is born and has been developed through the varied landscapes of Veneto. This soul makes the brand unique in the world of photography: 100% Italian.

  • Barber Shop Bags at Clifton Cameras
  • Barber Shop Bags at Clifton Cameras
  • Barber Shop Bags at Clifton Cameras
  • Barber Shop Bags at Clifton Cameras

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