DJI Ronin S External GPS Module

DJI Ronin S External GPS Module

Why buy the DJI Ronin-S External GPS Module?

This intelligent accessory is a GPS unit will smarten and improve your DJI Ronin-S stabilisation and help to keep your shots on point - great for high speed shoots!

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What is the DJI Ronin-S External GPS Module?

Attaching to your DJI Ronin-S Gimbal, this compact and smart GPS unit gives the gimbal the awareness needed to calculate its position and speed to counter against your movements more effectively. Perfect for fast movements, the GPS module will calculate the horizon hold by detecting your position and speed more sufficiently than traditional accelerometers.

Is the DJI Ronin-S External GPS Module good for vehicles?

Great for working at higher speeds, the external GPS module cleverly lends a hand by providing intelligent information to your DJI Ronin-S Gimbal. By providing more detailed information, the gimbal uses intelligent algorithms when moving and turning at faster speeds, reducing the chances of skewed angles on a bend and more. Perfect for cars, boats, bikes and more!

Download DJI Ronin-S External GPS Module Specifications Here

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