Kelly Moore Bags

Kelly Moore Camera Bags


Designed by a Photographer - For Photographers

Kelly Moore bags are designed to keep your equipment organised and protected without looking like a camera bag. 

With removable baskets, adjustable dividers and the option to wear any bag messenger style these bags are full of special touches.

Kelly Moore bags

What's in a Kelly Moore bag?

Well, we're glad you asked! Whether you are a photographer, mum, student, or just someone who appreciates a great bag,
Kelly Moore has designed the perfect bag for you. The bags are designed to keep you organized and protect your stuff. Think of them as your own personal assistant.

With features like removable baskets, adjustable dividers, lots of pockets, the option to wear any bag messenger style. You will never want to go back to your other bags again!

  • Kelly Moore Bags - Camera

    For the Photographer

    Every detail of Barber Shop products is designed and  tailored to fit the needs of photographers, without  giving up style,  elegance and the uniqueness of hand made goods.   

  • Kelly Moore Bags - Travel

    For the Traveller

    Take your bag with you on a hike, to school, on a plane, in a car, or strap it on your back while you ride your bike with the wind in your hair.
  • Kelly Moore Bags - Baby

    For the Mum

    Kelly Moore bags are the answer for mums on the go.  Fashionably hold your stuff + your children's too. 
    • About Kelly Moore
      Being a photographer for 15 years, I always wanted to take my camera with me wherever I went. I would leave the house with my everyday handbag, my camera bag (which was bulky, black and unattractive), and once I had kids, a huge diaper bag. It was too much! Was it too much to ask for ONE bag that could do ALL these things? Read more >
    • Kelly Moore Vimeo
      Watch Kelly Moore's videos - including photography tips and demonstrations of the camera bags here 


  • Kelly Moore Camera Bags
  • Kelly Moore Camera Bags
  • Kelly Moore Camera Bags
  • Kelly Moore Camera Bags
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