Leica Instore Event on 8th July

Discover the superb Leica camera range.  If you are considering purchasing a Leica camera, visit us on the 8th July
and if you already have a Leica camera you may want some advice  on what lens to get next?

There will be offers and complimentary gifts with any purchases on the day. Drop-in anytime between 10am-5pm.
Learn about one of the most famous camera manufacturers and enjoy trying out the latest cameras.

You are more than welcome to email your interest and any enquiries you have in advance so that we can help you best on the day.

Leica Event at Clifton Cameras


  • Leica M
    The world’s most compact professional camera
  • Leica Q
    Full-frame sensor, fixed focal length, unlimited creativity
  • Fast. Rugged. Mirrorless.
  • Leica T
    Follows its own unique principle of reduction to the essence
  • Leica Optics
    The latest generation of a true classic - proven for over 50 years.
  • 100 Years of Leica photography
    Ahead of its time - Ever since 1914

 pictures for eternity

A picture is worth a thousand words – and yet can take our breath away. When it shows endless joy. When it documents unimaginable suffering.
When it brings us closer to untouchable legends. Or when it saves the blink of an eye for eternity. With their Leica, throughout 100 years,
photographers have been capturing such moments. And we have been looking inward for a moment.

  • 'The Terror of War' by Nick Ut

    The Terror of War, 1972


    Few pictures show the horrors of war as brutally as the iconic photo by the Vietnamese photographer Nick Út. This photograph was taken on 8 June 1972.

    Today, the 35mm Leica M2 camera with which he shot Napalm Girl is in a museum

    Wikipedia page about this photo

  • 'Guerrillero Heroico' by Alberto Korda

    Guerrillero Heroico, 1936


    Perhaps the most famous image of the last 100 years: Alberto Korda photographs Che Guevara during a memorial service in 1960.

    Korda used a Leica M2 with a 90 mm lens, loaded with Kodak Plus-X pan film. In speaking about the method, Korda remarked that "this photograph is not the product of knowledge or technique. It was really coincidence, pure luck.

    Wikipedia page about this photo

  • The Falling Soldier (full title: Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death by Robert Capa

    The Falling Soldier, 1936


    With this image of the Spanish Civil War, war correspondent Robert Capa achieved international acclaim. The photo was taken on 5 September 1936.

    Capa squeezed the shutter of his Leica and took what would become one of the most famous photographs in the world.

    Wikipedia page about this photo 


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