Join Steven Clarey and Panasonic for a Hybrid Photography workshop this summer at Clifton Cameras. Suitable for photographers of all experience levels – from beginners to advanced – this event will be about learning to see and shoot in new ways and gaining a new appreciation of the importance of using photo and video in one camera.

The workshop will kick-off with an illustrated talk, in which Steven will share the secrets of his way of working. He will discuss a multitude of categories, including his experiences with Lumix G cameras, how this helps him with his day to day work and show you the advantages of using a hybrid camera.

After the talk you will have the chance to get hands on with the latest Lumix G cameras and lenses - all with full guidance, help and advice from Steven.

The workshop will end with a Q&A session in which Steven will address any questions you still have.

You don’t need to own or bring your camera to the workshop as Panasonic Lumix G cameras and lenses will be available for you to use. A free SD card will also be given to each attendee to use during the workshop, which you’re more than welcome to take home with you.

There will be plenty of help to ensure you can find your way around the easy-to-grasp menu systems. Steven will guide on settings to use, and how to make the most out of Panasonic's unique features.


  • 9.30 - 10.00am - Meet at store with teas & coffees
    10.00 - 12.00am - Start of the talk
    12.00 - 12.45pm - Break for lunch, teas & coffees
    12.45 - 13.30pm - Intro to the cameras, benefits etc.
  • 13.30 - 15.00pm - Hands-on session  with Andrew McCabe
    15.00 - 15.30pm - Short break with teas & coffees
    15.15 - 16.00pm - Q&A
    16.00pm - Finish

Steve Clarey Bio

  • It was way back, in Pembrokeshire, Southwest Wales, that Steven Clarey gained his introduction to photography. He spent a considerable amount of time down on the coast with some surfers and, as they say, caught the bug.

    Since discovering his aptitude for capturing action imagery, Steven has traveled the world over to work with a wealth of extreme sports enthusiasts, athletes and motorsports professionals.

    His recent assignments have seen him taking part in shoots for big-name clients including, among others, IMG Worldwide, Peugeot Sport, Ford Racing, Monster Energy and Red Bull.

    "LUMIX cameras are perfect for me – small and light, and able to produce video in broadcast quality!"

Shooting Activity

  • Trail Bike Action with Andrew McCabe

    The hands-on session will be featuring semi-professional stunt rider Andrew McCabe from Bristol, Andrew has a busy 2017, including competitors and stunt work for Disney.

    Andrew will be performing some of his stunts and tricks so you can fully test Panasonic's fantastic Hybrid functions to help capture that perfect image.

    Make sure to watch the video created by Steven Clarey of Andrew doing what he loves.

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