Lumu Power Light Meter

Why buy the Lumu Power Colour & Light Meter for iOS?

Lumu Power is a compact attachment for your iOS device that, when coupled with the app, transforms your smartphone into a professional light and colour meter. 



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Lumu Power Light Meter 

Lumu Power Colour & Light Meter for iOS Features

  • Photo Ambient - Measure natural light and select different measurements or 'pinhole' mode for long exposures
  • Photo Flash - Simple control over flash exposure and easy adjustments for high-speed shooting with the assistance of a curvature graph
  • Illuminance - Computes the average illuminance in real time
  • Colour Temperature - Demonstrates the green and magenta shift within typical colourimetric confines
  • Chromaticity - Displays chromaticity coordinates in CIE 1931 colour space
  • Cine/Video - Measure your lens aperture with cinema mode

What is the Lumu Power Light Meter?

The Lumu Power is constructed out of robust stainless steel and polycarbonate, giving you peace of mind during transport and on challenging locations. 

Located inside its white bulbous shell are two state-of-the-art sensors; a true colour sensor, and a fast silicone photodiode.

The shape of the flat and dome diffusers ensure an angular response in accordance with industry standards.

The Lumu Power is compatible with all iOS devices using a lightning connector and operating system iOS 8 and above. 

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