Manfrotto Befree Live Aluminium Tripod with Video Head - Lever

Manfrotto Befree Live Aluminium Tripod with Video Head - Lever

Why buy a tripod for videography?

If you are enthusiast videographer, vlogger, or content creator you will know a tripod helps steady the shot, aids with framing and allows smooth motion when panning. The Befree Live is just the perfect solution for you - compact, lightweight, and easy to use but brings maximum performance and impact to your filming.


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Manfrotto Befree Live Aluminium Tripod with Video Head - Lever

Adding to the popular Befree Live Aluminium Tripod with Video Head Twist-Lock Kit, Manfrotto has launched a lever design of this tripod. 

The key features of this tripod are the Live Fluid Head, Easy Link, QPL (Quick Release Plate Level) Travel lever and a side pull selector.

What head is included in this kit?

The head is what makes this video travel tripod kit so good - Easy to use and set up, the Befree Live Fluid Head is provided with two intuitive on/off knobs that lock and unlock the head’s pan and tilt movements separately. The head also features a fluid drag system on pan and tilt and keeps your camera perfectly balanced thanks to its sliding video plate.

What is Easy Link?

Easy Link allows videographers to enhance their creativity by adding accessories that make their footage unique and unforgettable. If you like adding lights or reflectors, you can now catch amazing outdoor footage that was previously only achievable with heavy accessorized tripods.

What is a QPL lever?

This model also provides a new locking mechanism called the QPL Travel lever, a brand-new system developed by Manfrotto, that brings the full locking power of the professional QPL lever on professional Manfrotto tripods like the 190 & 055 collections, to a more lightweight version that is ideal for travel.

What does the side pull selector do?

The side pull selector is an ergonomic leg-angle selector designed to be used by both right and left-handed photographers, enabling everyone to change shooting perspectives intuitively and to find the right tripod height without losing focus on the shot they want.

Manfrotto Befree 2n1 Aluminum Tripod inc Monopod - Lever Product Specification

Clifton Cameras review of the Manfrotto Befree Live Aluminium Tripod with Video Head - Lever

Since it's launch, the Befree Live series has made ripples throughout the amateur and professional videographer market. The simplicity of the tripod but the big impact of the Live Fluid Head make this an unstoppable combination. Perfect for the growing mirrorless camera market, the Befree Live Tripod with Video Head is must have for vloggers, content creators and amatuer film makers.

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