Optech Reporter Strap

Optech Reporter Strap

The Optech Reporter Strap comfortably and safely carries two cameras or a camera/binocular combination. Secondary strap is completely detachable with a weight reduction system to give you added support

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Optech Reporter Strap

  • Comfortably and safely carries two cameras or a camera/binocular combination
  • Secondary strap is completely detachable
  • Weight reduction system for added support
  • Fully adjustable in length: Primary strap approx. 24" - 51", Secondary strap approx. 31" - 35"
  • Stays in place with our Non Slip Grip

The Optech Reporter Strap addresses the needs of today's active photographers who use two cameras to cover the diverse photo challenges presented in their work. Now two cameras or a camera/binocular combination can be comfortably worn with only one strap - the Reporter Strap. This allows you to have better control of your gear while reducing the chance of damaging expensive equipment.

The Optech Reporter Strap has quick disconnects on the primary strap so that using different connectors is a snap. The popular Optech 3/8" System Connectors are standard on the primary strap. The secondary strap attaches to the main strap body with durable plastic clamps similar to the Reporter/Backpack System Connectors . It features the exclusive Optech Uni-Loop System Connectors which are compatible with numerous Optech neck straps, hand straps, and harnesses. Top quality neoprene reinforced with durable elastic makes the equipment feel like half the weight. The Optech Reporter Strap is also great for wildlife photographers carrying both a camera and binoculars. When in the field for long periods of time, Optech weight reduction comfort can make all the difference.

Recommended Load Up to 15 lbs (6.8kg)
Carry Style Neck, Shoulder
# of Connection Points Four
Connection Type Two 3/8" Webbing connectors on Primary Strap and two Uni Loop connectors on Secondary Strap
Strap Length Primary strap is adjustable 24" to 51" (61cm - 129,5cm) and Secondary strap is adjustable 31" to 35" (78,7cm - 88,9cm)
Pad Dimensions 2.5" (at widest) by 15" Neoprene (6,35cm - 38,1cm)
Quick Disconnects Yes (on Primary and Secondary)
Materials Neoprene pad with durable elastic and Non Slip Grip™, nylon webbing
Webbing Width 1"

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