Panasonic Double Cashback Black Friday 2018

Panasonic Double Cashback- Black Friday 2018

For Black Friday 2018, we are DOUBLING many of our Panasonic Winter Cashback deals! Now you can claim up to £200 cashback on many fantastic Panasonic compact system cameras, video cameras and other digital cameras, as well as up to £300 on our Panasonic Winter Cashback deals.

Check out all of the Black Friday Double Cashback & Winter Cashback deals below.

Black Friday Double Cashback offer valid from 19th November to 30th November, 2018

Winter Cashback offer valid to January 31, 2019

Claim your Black Friday Cashback Here:


Applicable Models for Panasonic Black Friday Double Cashback 2018:


Applicable Models for Panasonic Winter Cashback 2018:

Panasonic Winter Cashback Terms & Conditions 2018 Click Here (applies to double cashback also)