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Take control of your images and get more from photography with Clifton Cameras Academy.

  • Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn more about your cameras functions and controls or an advanced user looking to enhance your Photoshop or Lightroom skills, we have regular courses that can help you leap ahead.

    Our modern training suite, based in Gloucestershire, is fully equipped to make your learning experience fun and informative.  We’ve created a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy one of our full or half day training courses.

  • Clifton Cameras Academy Training Suite

  • Photographic Courses at Clifton Cameras

  • Our tutors are professional photographers with a wealth of knowledge, more importantly they understand how to get the right information over to our delegates at a pace that can be enjoyed and retained. 

    The courses are practical as well, with hands-on learning you will pick up techniques much quicker and will get to try out these skills with a tutor on hand for any questions you may have.


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  • get to know your bridge camera course

    Get to Know your Bridge Camera

    This half day course will introduce you to all the functions and features in your bridge camera without being too in depth.

    Bridge cameras ‘bridge’ the gap between a compact camera and a DSLR camera.  They have lots of modes and tons of functionality but tend to be smaller than the DSLR. 

    So if you’re new to digital photography and want some help understanding your camera and what it’s doing, this course is for you.  Come get the information with some hands on experience in a fun friendly environment to take better shots.  We will introduce you to all your functions and features without being too in depth.

  • get to know your dslr course

    Get to Know your DSLR & System Camera

    If you’re new to digital photography and want some help understanding your camera and what it’s doing, these courses are for you. 

    Want to know what all the buttons and symbols on your camera do? 

    Confused about apertures and shutter speeds? 

    Want to take control and really craft your images?

    This one day, entry-level course will get you off those auto modes and get you taking control of your camera and making better images.


  • Portfolio Review

    One to One Portfolio Review

    Want some help with your portfolio? Love shooting but not getting the results you want? Need advice about shooting, equipment, editing & presentation? The portfolio review could be for you.

    We know how important photography is to us, so we definitely understand how important it is to you. Spend an hour with one of our photography specialists reviewing your portfolio to help you get better results.

  • One 2 One Full Day Course

    One 2 One Full Day Course

    This course is suited to any level of photographer that would like a more personal one-2-one course or more targeted training. The course can cover a wide variety of subjects, including getting to know your DSLR/CSC, image editting with Photoshop and Lightroom, and subject specific photography like wildlife or studio. You could even cover all three in this full day course!

    You could be someone that requires training to help improve your business and need help photographing buildings or product, this course would be ideal for you.

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