PolarPro Osmo Pocket WiFi Tripod Adapter

PolarPro Osmo Pocket WiFi Tripod Adapter

An adapter to connect your Osmo Pocket to your tripod while still allowing access to the charging port and constructed of polymers that won't interfere with the WiFi signal.

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Designed to make the Osmo Pocket Wifi Base tripod compatible enabling you to control your system remotely. The Arca-Swiss quick release system gives the ability to slide into a tripod plate without having to worry about setup time or breakdown, while the ¼-20 thread presents added versatility and mounting options during a shoot.

Tripod Adapter For Osmo Pocket Wifi Base:

  • Dual Mounting Options via ¼-20 thread or built-in Arca Plate for quick tripod installation
  • Pressure Fit design securely connects tripod adaptor to Wifi Base
  • USB-C Port Access to connect external battery packs for extended use
  • Constructed out of polymers which will not interfere with WiFi signal

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