This Winter you can claim upto £200* Cashback on selected sony cameras, lenses and accessories. See the full range of cashback offers below:

Promotional period:

18th October 2017 - 21st January 2018

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Qualifying Products:

Sony Compact System Cameras

Sony Compact and Bridge Cameras

Sony Video Cameras

Sony A-Mount Lenses

Sony E-Mount Lenses

Sony Accessories

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The promoter of Cashback with Sony (the “Promotion”) is Sony Europe Limited (“Sony”) based at: The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0XW.
  2. Please do not send claim forms to this address as they will not be forwarded to the Agency collecting the claims. Please only use the website to enter claims.
  3. The Promotion only applies to products which have been supplied and distributed by Sony within the UK and Republic of Ireland.
  4. Please take time to review these terms and conditions carefully and ensure that you comply with their provisions in order to avoid disappointment.
  5. If you have purchased any of the following products (the “Products”) from an authorised Sony dealer located in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man between 18th October 2017 and 21st January 2018 (inclusive) then you will be entitled to apply for the following Cashback and the remainder of these Terms and Conditions shall apply.

General Terms applicable to all Cashback applications

  1. Regardless of the type of product(s) that you are claiming for, please complete your claim online at the following URL (or for Republic of Ireland). You will need to create a MySony account and include electronically the serial number of the product, a photo of the serial number on the product itself, and a copy of your original printed sales receipt to claim your Cashback.
  2. All claim forms submitted in respect of the Cashback Promotion should be received by midnight on 21st February 2018. No claims will be accepted after this date.
  3. All Sony products are subject to availability.
  4. It is necessary to have access to the internet with sufficient broadband speed and download capability in order to complete the claim form. Please note that there may be additional fees imposed by a participant’s internet service provider depending on their terms and conditions of internet use.
  5. The Cashback is only available on Sony qualifying products which have been supplied and distributed by Sony to its authorised dealers within the UK, Republic of Ireland and Isle of Man (as appropriate). We recommend that you check with your retailer before purchase to ensure that your purchase qualifies under these Terms and Conditions. You can also check on the Sony Cashback website specified in clause 6 for details of Sony’s authorised dealers. Sony is not responsible for a retailer’s misleading statements in this respect and the final decision as to whether a retailer is authorised rests with Sony. For the avoidance of doubt, Sony will not accept claims against products purchased from eBay or from third party sellers on's Marketplace platform (whether listed as new or used).
  6. A claim for Cashback cannot be validly made in respect of a product where a customer returns it to the retailer and receives a full refund.
  7. Only claim forms with valid serial number filled in, a photo of the serial number on the product and a copy of original printed sales receipt/sales invoice clearly showing the name of the retailer, the product name and date of purchase will be accepted. Online order confirmations are not acceptable. Handwritten receipts will not be accepted. In the event of an incomplete claim, the participant will be informed via email and he/she will be given a deadline of 10 (ten) calendar days in which to resolve any issues and to send the correct and valid document that meets these requirements.
  8. This Promotion is a consumer promotion and is only available to the original consumer that purchased the product. Claims from companies, organisations and institutions and claims from resellers are excluded from this offer.
  9. As this is a consumer promotion, a maximum of 3 claims can be made by one consumer (and only one claim per product).
  10. Please allow 28 days for receipt of your Cashback once all criteria has been fulfilled; where we are unable to meet this deadline then we will do so as quickly as possible thereafter.
  11. 15. The Cashback will be provided in the form of a direct bank transfer to accounts which are operated by a financial institution located in the UK, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man. This is on assumption that correct electronic bank details are supplied. Alternative cashback fulfilment is not possible. Note that successful claimants will have their Cashback provided by direct bank transfer provided correct bank details have been included and receipt is valid and readable. Claimants from the United Kingdom will have their Cashback paid in sterling whereas claimants from the Republic of Ireland will have their Cashback paid in Euros. 
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