Studio Lighting Reflectors and Diffusors - Christmas 2019

The Studio Lighting Reflectors and Diffusors here at Clifton Cameras is perfect for anyone looking to invest in some new kit for there loved one this christmas! If you need a hand finding the best Studio Lighting Reflectors and Diffusors, just get in touch with one of our sales team, and they will help guide you though the 1000's of offers we have available from our Christmas Shop 2019!

Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser

Why buy the Profoto A1 Wide Diffuser?

The wide lens diffuser allows the spread of light from the A1 to cover a greater area, ideal for when shooting groups with wider lenses.



Profoto Softlight Kit

The Softlight Kit from Profoto is a softlight reflector kit with three items: the softlight reflector, a honeycomb grid, and a diffuser.



Profoto Zoom Reflector 2

The Profoto Zoom Reflector 2 is a smoother, more accurate reflector, with an integrated grid holder that accepts Profoto grids directly -- no more need for the expensive extra grid holder. 



Profoto Soft Bounce for A1 Flash

Easily clicked onto the flash head's magnetic mount, the Soft Bounce for A1 Flash from Profoto is used with the flash head pointed straight up so that light fills the white interior of the scoop-like modifier, widening the flash's coverage, and significantly softening the quality of light.



Elinchrom Silver Reflector for Deep 105cm

The optional Black Diffusor (silver reflector) offers the lighting effect of a direct softbox with a single diffuser, with the central position of the Elinchrom head offering a more symmetrical result, when used with the Umbrella Deep translucent.



Elinchrom Shower Cap Diffuser for Minisoft

Cloth diffuser for the front of the Softlite Reflectors 44cm. Turns them into perfectly round softbox.



Elinchrom 44cm Softlite White & Deflectors & Grid & ProTec Case

Ideal for beauty and portrait work, the Softlite White offers a softer touch for glamourous images, while the grid limits the light spread to offer sharper shadows. 



Elinchrom 44cm Softlite Silver & Deflectors & Grid & ProTec Case

Ideal for beauty and portrait work, the Softlite Silver offers extra contrast for stunning images while the grid limits the light spread to offer sharper shadows.



Elinchrom Background Reflector

This is a simple but effective reflector that has been produced for the specific purpose of illuminating backgrounds. It is mounted onto a head and placed on a low level stand and will give an attractive illumination perfect for portrait photography.



Elinchrom 26cm 48 Degree HP Reflector

A bright, high performance reflector, ideal for general sports applications.



Elinchrom Quadra 18cm Reflector

This reflector combines a high output with a good spread of light while the internal recess accepts 18 cm grids. Offers one extra stop of light.



Elinchrom 18cm Reflector and 30 Degree Grid Kit

The Grid Reflector 18cm is a general purpose reflector for travelling and can be used for direct or indrect lighting with Elinchrom umbrellas. It forms the basis of many lighting effects as it is designed to be used with the Honeycomb Grids, gels, diffuser, etc. as well as for efficient illumination of large areas.



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