Typhoon H Firmware Update Version 3.01

New Functions and Features including:

  • Improves accelerometer calibration
  • Improves manual landing performance
  • Multiple ST16s can be bound to one camera
  • Panorama Photo Mode
  • Time Lapse Photo Mode
  • Burst Photo Mode
  • Histogram
  • Metering Mode and many more - Read Full update list here

Gimbal: v1.25
Autopilot: v1.30
Camera: v3.2.26


Please ensure that you perform Compass and 

Accelerometer Calibrations after you have updated the Typhoon H.

The Typhooon H update file should be a .BIN file -TyphoonH_Ver3.01_E.bin

Download - > Click Here

version 3

Typhoon H Firmware Update Version 3.0

The Multiple Award Winning 4K Camera Drone - Typhoon H - is now more sophisticated than ever, thanks to a New Functionality Update - which is Available Now. This firmware update installs superb new features and functionalities such as:

• Panorama - Takes 8 photos in 360° for auto-stitching (Single or double height)
• Time Lapse Photo - Using the Typhoon H for mapping and image-stitching is now easier than before thanks to the new Time Lapse Photo feature
• Trim Pad Camera Function - You can now set-up the right Trim pad to select the camera functions
• Trim Pad Cruise Control - Use the left Trim pad to set the automatic pace of a flight without needing constant stick input - freeing up your hands to allow for more intricate shots
• Burst Photo Mode - Don't miss the critical moment with Burst Photo mode functionality
• Histogram - Help achieve perfect exposure levels by switching on the Histogram overlay
• Metering Mode - Take control of your exposure by adjusting the Metering mode to suit your scene
• DNG and JPEG Dual format  - Capture both formats simultaneously
• Curve Cable Cam (CCC) - Now use an online mapping solutions* to create Flight paths with Waypoints and Camera control
• RealSense Range Meter - Displays distance between the aircraft and object, with the ability to set a distance alert
• Screen Shot - Capture a screenshot of the ST16 for flight records and support
• Motor LED lights - Ability to switch the LED lights On/Off
• Dual band Redundancy - A New safety and redundancy feature allows the Typhoon H to automatically switch the operational control to its 5.8GHz frequency in the event of signal loss on 2.4GHz
• OTA Updates - Ability to update the Typhoon H and ST16 Over The Air
• Latest Flight Control - Improved performance and stability

Other Important key Typhoon H functions: 

• Return to Home Height - User Adjustable height 20m (66ft) ~ 188m (400ft)
• GPS On/Off - Turn GPS On/Off Mid-Flight
• ST16 Internal Storage Playback - Store and view video or stills on ST16 while airborne
• ST16 HDMI Out - For 2nd larger monitor or external transmission

 *Export/import way points via free 3rd party software (http://www.feertech.com/flightcenter.html and www.eegalmc2.com/us/typhoonh/)

The above updates are just a few of the recently added Camera and Flight features, and work in addition to the existing functions like Orbit me, Curve Cable Cam, Point of interest, Journey Mode, Watch Me and Follow Me.

With a wide range of intelligent flight modes, the CGO3+ 360° unlimited rotation 4K 12.4MP Camera, and the ST16 7" LCD Touchscreen streaming real time HD footage of your flight, including all telemetry data needed for professional use - the Typhoon H offers superb value for money and is the complete aerial imaging solution.

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