Canon EOS Ra Digital Camera Body

Canon EOS Ra Camera Key Features

  • 30.3 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 8 image processor
  • ISO 40000
  • Rapid autofocus in lighting as low as -6EV
  • 4K Video and Full HD Recording
  • Vari-Angle LCD screen and EVF with 30x magnificiation
  • IR-Cut Filter Passes H-Alpha Wavelength
  • Water and Dust resistant construction
  • Lightweight mirrorless camera body
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Canon EOS Ra Page Banner

Why buy the Canon EOS Ra Camera?

Meet the Canon EOS Ra, a new development in the Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera series. It has been specially designed for astrophotography.

The designers over at Canon have ingeniously modified the brilliant EOS R. The Ra incorporates an Infrared Filter. This filter has been placed in front of the camera’s image sensor. It enables you, the photographer to capture stunningly clear and detailed shots of the sky at night.

The IR filter features advanced H-alpha wavelength sensitivity. This offers up the ability to capture formations that are not affected by infrared. It also gives superb colour neutrality to your images.

The Ra features an extremely useful 30x live view magnification. This means you’ll find that focusing on your subject is smooth and easy. Whether you’re using the Electronic Viewfinder or LCD screen.

Beautifully detailed night sky photography

An IR filter allows the EOS Ra to capture more (4x) Hydrogen-Alpha (Hα) light than then EOS R. This is then captured by a 30-megapixel full-frame image sensor. This gives awesome detailing to your Astro shots.

User-friendly Astro-Camera

With its compact, lightweight body - it is extremely easy to mount the Ra to a telescope. The vari-angle touchscreen features 30x magnification. This allows you to really fine-tune your composition with ease.

Canon EOS Ra Sample Images - Click to enlarge

  • Canon EOS Ra Sample Image
  • Canon EOS Ra Sample Image
  • Canon EOS Ra Sample Image
  • Canon EOS Ra Sample Image

  • Canon EOS Ra Sample Image
  • Canon EOS Ra Sample Image


The Canon EOS Ra in-depth….

The Ra stands alone against other full-frame astro-cameras. One standout point is portability. There is no need for an external power source or computer. 

It's also been designed to function perfectly with a huge range of optical devices. Whether you’re shooting deep space or visible reality. 

The concept of using the EOS R as a base was directly inspired by the demands of astrophotographers. Whether you want to capture constellations and deeper space, it will meet those needs.

By basing the design on the EOS R - which was launched in 2018, the Ra is a powerful, yet lightweight bit of kit. Inheriting the AF system from the R, the Ra is capable of rapid and accurate autofocus in low lighting. It will smoothly focus on objects in lighting as low as -6EV!

It has also taken the EOS R’s Full-Frame CMOS Sensor. This has approximately 30.3 million effective pixels. This is combined with a DIGIC 8 Image Processor giving superb performance throughout. 

An infrared blocking filter has been added. This allows an impressive level of hydrogen-alpha light to reach the sensor. It achieves 4x that of the standard EOS R. This allows you to capture crisp, clear images. 

This is especially useful when capturing the unmistakable red colouring of the nebula. This interstellar dust cloud is formed of helium and hydrogen which is impossible to capture it on any standard camera. On standard cameras, the UV/IR cut filters block the IR lighting meaning this stunning colour detail is lost.

Awe-inspiring optical performance

Because the EOS Ra is mirrorless and features a full-frame sensor, it’s perfect for deep space photography.  The high-performance image sensor offers up excellent resolution. The sensor also delivers high ISO capabilities, fast readout and exposure latitude. The lack of internal mirror mechanisms in a mirrorless camera minimises vibrations. This produces sharp, detailed images. This all ensures uncompromised image quality when shooting the stars.

Canon has designed the Ra to ensure all 30.3million pixels are used. This gives maximum area coverage - making it a true star eater.

When a connected telescope eyepiece doesn’t cover the full-frame sensor, the image area can easily be cropped to an APS-C area. This is approximately 11.6MP (4176x2784) as well as offering many other crop ratio options.

Endless possibilities

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system gives the Ra many Auto and Manual focusing functions. The -6EV AF capability ensures that low light performance is optimised when using RF and EF mount lenses. 

When using a telescope, there is a range of helpful focus assist options. This includes focus peaking and a useful 30x magnification. This makes the EOS Ra very diverse when attaching different devices.

The first 4K Movie astro-camera

With 4K movies and 4K timelapse functions built-in, the Ra is the first of its kind to offer 4K video for astrophotography.

Lenses for every shot

With the Canon RF lens mount, the Ra offers so many options for attachments. The RF mount features a 20mm flange back and a wide 54mm mount diameter. This radical design has allowed Canon’s engineers to design lenses that have never been achievable until now.

There's a choice of 3 mount adapters that work with the Ra. This opens up a world of lenses and telescopes that can be attached to the camera. For instance, you can pick from over 70 EF and EF-S lenses on top of the new RF lenses!

A comfortable, user-friendly experience

The lightweight and ergonomic design of the Ra body is perfect for long shooting periods. It features a Vari-Angle touchscreen that works around you. With 30x magnification, it is then incredibly easy to check your focus.

Remote app-powered control

The Canon EOS Utility and Canon Camera Connect app are both supported. You can remotely control the camera when shooting stills and video. This is possible through USB and wireless connection. Imagine sitting indoors on a cold night, while controlling the camera remotely on a computer or smart device.



What's included with the EOS Ra?

  • Canon EOS Ra camera Body
  • Camera Cover R-F-5
  • Neck Strap
  • Battery Charger LC-E6E
  • Battery Pack LP-E6N
  • AC Cable
  • Interface Cable IFC-100U

Download Canon EOS Ra Specifications Here

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