DJI Drone Batteries

The DJI Drone Batteries collection here at Clifton Cameras is perfect for any photographer looking to invest in new kit to enhance their photography skills. Whether you're doing photography as a career or just as a hobby - our DJI Drone Batteries range can help you improve. Need advice on what best suits your needs? Discuss the DJI Drone Batteries catalogue today by contacting our team of experts.

DJI Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Battery

Provides the DJI Mavic Mini drone with up to 30 minutes of flight time.



DJI Mavic 2 Flight Battery

Why buy the DJI Mavic 2 Flight Battery?

Compatible with the Pro and Zoom, this 3850mAh capacity battery delivers up to 31 minutes of additional flight time. 



DJI Mavic Air Intelligent Battery

Mavic Air Intelligent Flight Batteries are made with high-density lithium, offering a substantial flight time of up to 21 minutes for all your adventuring needs.



DJI Inspire 2 - TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery

The maximum flight time (with X4S) is approx 27mins. The new Inspire 2 battery uses higher performance and a higher density battery cell with an overall larger capacity as well as an updated management unit.



DJI Inspire 1 TB48 Battery (5700mAh)

Achieve longer flight times of up to 22 minutes with the powerful TB48 Intelligent Flight Battery. This 6S, 5700mAh battery is compatible with your Inspire 1 out of the box (pending any potential firmware updates).



DJI Inspire 1 TB47 Battery (4500mAh)

High capacity for up to 18 minutes of flight time including four LEDS display both the status and the remaining power of the battery.



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