DJI Osmo Action USB-C Cover

DJI Osmo Action USB-C Cover

A spare or replacement USB-C Cover for the popular DJI Osmo Action camera. Prevent dirt and moisture from getting into vital USB and micro SD ports.

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Why buy the DJI Osmo Action USB-C Cover?

The DJI Osmo Action Camera, a 4K HDR Video Action Camera features dual screens and is a strong affordable contender in the Action Camera market. As part of a range of spares, this USB-C cover is a valuable spare item to have in your kit - or a perfect official replacement for a missing part. 

The USB-C cover prevents any dust, dirt and moisture getting into your microSD slots and USB-C port. 

Size: 2.2 × 1.7 × 0.5cm
Weight: 1.5 grams


DJI Osmo Action USB-C Cover

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