Elinchrom Snoots and Barndoors - Christmas 2019

The Elinchrom Snoots and Barndoors here at Clifton Cameras is perfect for anyone looking to invest in some new kit for there loved one this christmas! If you need a hand finding the best Elinchrom Snoots and Barndoors, just get in touch with one of our sales team, and they will help guide you though the 1000's of offers we have available from our Christmas Shop 2019!

Elinchrom Barndoor Set Pro 21cm

The Elinchrom Barndoor Pro Set 21cm, includes includes a 21cm accessory holder, two 26x16cm barndoor leaves and two 21x15cm barndoor leaves, four 20x15cm barndoor leaves and two 21x15cm barndoors.



Elinchrom 21x15cm Barndoor

To adapt this Barndoor, the Light Shaper Carrier 26034 for 21 cm Reflector is required.



Elinchrom Barndoor Set 21cm

Barndoors are made from matt finish heat resistant aircraft grade aluminium. They control spillage and direction of lighting.



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