Metabones Lens Adapters

The Metabones Lens Adapters collection here at Clifton Cameras is perfect for any photographer looking to invest in new kit to enhance their photography skills. Whether you're doing photography as a career or just as a hobby - our Metabones Lens Adapters range can help you improve. Need advice on what best suits your needs? Discuss the Metabones Lens Adapters catalogue today by contacting our team of experts.

Metabones Canon EF Lens to E-mount T CINE Adapter

Metabones adapter to convert Canon fit EF mount lenses to work on Sony E-mount Mirrorless cameras

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Metabones Nikon G to Sony E mount Speed Booster ULTRA Adapter

The Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Speed Booster ULTRA from Metabones improves upon the original Metabones Speed Booster with a 5 element/4 group optical design that incorporates ultra-high refractive index tantalum-based glass for improved sharpness and reduced distortion and vignetting.

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Metabones Leica M lens to Micro Four Thirds Adapter

The black Leica M Lens to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter from Metabones allows Leica M mount lenses to be attached to a Micro Four Thirds format camera. Metabones adapters are quality made, using precision-machined brass with chromium plating on both the camera-body and the lens sides of the adapter in order to ensure smooth mounting, quality aesthetic, and durability.



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