Motorsport Photography with Jeff Carter

Motorsports Photography with Jeff Carter

Tip & Techniques Video

Later this month we are working with Jeff Carter, Fujifilm X Photographer and FIA Media Delegate, for a video covering Motorsport Photographer. The video will include Tips & Techniques for photographers wanting to improve their motorsport photography and how to achieve better results shooting as a spectator. This includes learning how to plan for an event, how to gain better positioning, techniques and sports that offer better access.

We are giving you the chance to ask Jeff a question to further help improve your motorsport photography. This could be relating to the techniques, gaining better access or how to shoot a new sport. Please submit your question via the form below by 24th September 2020.

How do I ask Jeff a question?

All you need to fill out the form below and we will submit your question to Jeff. You have until 24th September to submit your question.

Who is Jeff Carter?

Jeff has been shooting sports photography since 1994 when he set up MacLean Photographic. Since 2009 he has worked for the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the world governing body of motorsport, as the Media Delegate for the FIA GT3 European (2009-2011), FIA GT1 World Championships (2010/2011), since 2012 the FIA World Endurance Championship and in 2019 the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship.
Since 2015 Jeff Carter has been an official Fujifilm X Photographer, assisting the Japanese camera manufacturer to develop their X Series camera system.  Jeff has been involved in pre-production testing of the X-Pro2, X-T2, X-H1 and X-T3 camera bodies, as well as the 50-140mm, 100-400mm, 200mm f2 lenses and 1.4x / 2x converters.

What will this video include?

A quick review of Jeff's career to date
A look at the various genres of the sport (Formula One, Sports Cars, Rally, Autograss, Motorbikes)
Event Planning:
  • Pre-event planning
  • Travelling with gear on a plane
  • Checking out the venue on arrival
  • Flexible schedule.
Access - Where can I shoot from?
  • How do you obtain a media pass and do you need one?
  • Limitations for accredited photographers – safety first!
  • Access for those attending as a spectator.
  • Freezing the Action
  • Panning
  • Shooting high and low
  • Photo gear – X Series
Shooting Other Sports
A look at some of the other sports I have shot which special emphasis on what can be shot without special access
  • Canoe Slalom
  • Water Skiing
  • Eventing
  • Powerboats
  • Cricket
  • Rugby


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