Ricoh Pentax Photography Webinars

Join Clifton Cameras, Ricoh and Pentax for a series of compelling photography Webinars this January 2021

Let Ricoh Pentax specialist and freelance photographer Antonio Pisani, introduce to you the exclusive 1-2-1 photography webinar. You will enjoy an exciting, informative photographic session with a pro. These interactive webinars cover a broad range of the top-quality, revolutionary compact & 360°cameras from Ricoh and the legendary range of Pentax D-SLRs, cameras & lenses.

  • Brand structure
  • History and technological achievements
  • New product insight
  • Technical knowledge (i.e. camera controls, depth of field, focal lengths, astro tracer, etc.)
  • Photographic techniques & creative insights (i.e. panning, rack zoom, abstract, creativity boosters, etc.)
  • Antonio's own freelance work and experiences shot with Ricoh-Pentax equipment (i.e. black and white, portraiture, travel photography, street photography, macro, etc.)

Meet Antonio Pisani

Originally from Italy, Antonio has come from a family of photographers and educators. He has been immersed in a creative environment since the beginning, which has triggered his photographic talent. His journey through photography has led him to work in the imaging field for more than thirteen years.

Antonio’s passion for creative perfection has taken him around the world. He has worked in places such as Iceland, Hawaii, USA, Morocco, Belgium, Greece, Hungary and many more.

Antonio is currently based in the UK in London. He is always seeking new assignments, projects or travel with a fresh perspective and new creative subjects.

Antonio's work

Here are some examples of superb, diverse images [scaled for web] from Antonio's portfolio. If you'd like to know more be sure to check out his website here:

When are the Webinars taking place?

We have 2 days of Webinars available for you with 5 sessions per day. The first day of sessions is focused on Pentax, the second on Ricoh.


Tuesday 19th January - Pentax 

Thursday 21st January - Ricoh 


Time Slots:

Session 1: 10:00-10:45

Session 2: 11:00-11:45

Session 3: 12:00-12:45

Session 4: 14:00-14:45

Session 5: 15:00-15:45

How do I take part?

All you need is a computer or smart device with an internet connection. The preferred method will be using Microsoft Teams to communicate (Click here to find out more).

Alternatively, Antonio can meet with you on Skype or Zoom or Whatsapp. Please discuss this when contacted back.

For now, simply click the links below to register for either the Pentax or Ricoh sessions.

These slots are booked on a first-come, first-served basis - so don't hesitate to book your exclusive webinar session today!


Pentax Booking Link 

Ricoh Booking Link

As if that wasn't enough...

Attendees will receive a promotional discount to use on Pentax/Ricoh products!

Need any help?

Contact our friendly sales team using our live chat feature below. Or alternatively, give us a call or email us - click here to get in touch.

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