#Streetlife Photo Contest

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"Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. The subject of the photograph might be absent of people and can be an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic. The origin of the term 'Street' refers to a time rather than a place, a time when women achieved greater freedom, when workers were rewarded with leisure time and when society left the privacy of their sitting rooms, people engaged with each other and their surroundings more publicly and therein the opportunity for the photographer"


There are three sections of our competition that will run throughout most of 2015. Each section asks for an image that best interprets the #streetlife theme. For each section we will give away a fantastic Fujifilm X100T camera worth (RRP) £1099.99 to the entrant who submits the best street image that relates to our theme.

The overall winner (best image submitted throughout the entire competition) wins a one on one, expenses paid, photowalk in Paris with photographer (and one of our judges) Matthew Hart



Our first section asked for creative street photography where shadows are fundamental to the make-up of the image. Congratulations to our first winner of a Fujifilm X100T, Jim Moody with the below image “Passing Through”

Here’s Matt Hart’s take on why this image was selected as the section winner “This was the strongest image for many reasons, being shot from above made this image stand out from the crowd, the strong angles of the buildings added to the great composition of the shot, the arrow shaped shadow pointing in to the darkness makes you think, but at the same time you want to know more about the woman standing with her arms folded, making this a great Street image.”

© Jim Moody - “ Passing Through “ (Winner of Section 1)



Our second brief of Streetlife “Layers” asked for creative street photography where the image was made up of layers. Matt Hart’s advice on this brief was “Layers sounds so simple. All you have to do is include something that grabs the viewers attention in the front, middle and background, but its not as easy as it sounds. Too many subjects and you get confused, not enough and it just won’t work. To start a layer you need a foreground subject that draws you into the frame. It could just be a hand, afoot or partly obscured face, something to anchor you to the front layer whilst your eyes start to search for the next anchor point.”

We had hundreds of entries and our judges all picked this image by David Goold in they’re shortlist. Congratulations to David for his superb image “Hostage. Crisis” The make-up of this image is genius, the stare from the girl on the right of the frame leads you in to left, where the soldier’s reflection seems to point his assault rifle right at the head of the waiting lady. David wins our second Fujifilm X100T and will be entered into the overall prize of the Paris photowalk.




Our final assignment of Streetlife “RED” perhaps seemed the easiest one. Matt Hart set out the brief for this street photography, colour assignment. We asked that images were kept “real” and didn’t feature “colour-popping”, the images needed to incorporate this very strong colour and the colour needed to be key to the composition.

Judging this section has been particularly challenging as there were multiple images that creatively followed the brief.

After much deliberation we have selected the below as our section winner. The image shot by Vasile Buzdugan, entitled “ Nuns ” really stood out amongst the shortlist.

Comments from our judges were:

“This is a simplistic, yet striking composition due to two thirds of the picture being “red”, the only dominant colour. The wall also links with the red cross on the nuns gown adding an extra narrative that really makes this image work.”

“I like the subtle use of red to highlight the main subjects and make them stand out from the background, the photographer has obviously studied the masters.”

We believe this simple, yet striking image from Vasile has really captured the brief. We hope your new Fujifilm X100T becomes a valuable tool in your street photography!



Congratulations to David Goold with the overall competition winning image “Hostage, Crisis”
The judges felt this to be the strongest image of our section winners. David wins a one to one photowalk with Matt Hart in an all expenses paid trip to a European city

Competition Summary

We would like to thank all our entrants for taking part in this years Streetlife photography competition and hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Thank you to everyone that came along to one of our photowalks with Matt Hart and Fujifilm UK, we attracted over 400 people and the feedback has been superb. The purpose of this competition was to highlight the talent out there and the bring like minded photographers together to share tips, stories and techniques. Judging the images has been particularly hard as the standard of entries has been amazing. We would like to congratulate everyone that entered and of course a special mention for our three winners, Jim Moody, David Goold and Vasile Buzdugan.

A massive thank you to Matt Hart and Fujifilm UK for all their support throughout the year.

Please stay following us for next years, new competition !


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