Syrp Genie Micro

Syrp Genie Micro

Key Features

  • All-in-one smart remote
  • Syrp App to remotely control camera
  • Compatible with most mirrorless and DSLR
  • Live Control mode for adjusting exposure
  • Live Control mode for Stop Motion
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Why buy the Syrp Genie Micro?

Genie Micro is an all-in-one smart remote for mirrorless and DSLR cameras that allows you to control your camera from an app. Control settings such as exposure, ISO, and shutter speed without even touching your camera and capture incredible time-lapses with shake-free operation.

Wait, there's more...

If your camera has a USB tether feature (please check the compatibility list here), you can easily add remote operation should you need to keep a physical distance on set. This feature can also be used for remote triggering for steady stop motion.

Operate from up to 10 metres away thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and stay up to speed by wirelessly updating the software as new functionality is developed.

Holy Grail Time-Lapse

A much-anticipated feature, the Genie Micro allows you to ramp exposure on your camera remotely whilst shooting a time-lapse. This allows you to capture a time-lapse from day to night and vice versa without having to touch your camera and cause unnecessary shake.

Collective Filming

Ideal for content creators and filmmakers looking to enhance their footage, you can control cameras simultaneously. With more than one Genie Micro you’re able to control more than one camera. You can stop and start video and photo on two cameras, at the same time, allowing you to create a multi-angle scene with ease.


Syrp Genie Micro Lifestyle Image

Stop Motion

Trigger your camera directly from the app with the tap of a button. Using Live Control you can shoot stop motion sequences without even having to touch your camera.

Two Options for Control

For basic camera triggering, simply use the Syrp link cable to connect directly to your camera. For a more advanced camera control, including the control of aperture, ISO and shutter speed, use the USB-C port on your camera with the supplied cable and if your camera only has USB-A, then you can use the second supplied cable to get the job done!

Intuitive App

Syrp Genie Micro Lifestyle Image

Key Features

  • Syrp App to allow remote control for camera settings and time-lapses
  • Easy installation to the camera hot shoe
  • HDR mode for time-lapse photography
  • Live Control mode for adjusting exposure settings and starting/stopping recording
  • Stop Motion made easy without having to touch your camera

Is my camera compatible with the Syrp Genie Micro?

You can check for your camera’s compatibility here >

  • Syrp Genie Micro
    Easy mount to your camera's hot shoe.
  • Syrp Genie Micro
    Use the supplied USB-C cable to connect directly to your camera.

Who is the Syrp Genie Micro for?

If you’re a tech enthusiast and appreciate the levels of creativity and flexibility that a device such as the Genie Micro can bring you then you need to get involved! Ideal for those always on the move, a handy USB-C port means you don’t need to bring multiple charging cables.

In a socially distant environment, the Syrp Genie Micro coupled with the intuitive app,  can enhance your shooting when working with outside agencies and help you keep a safe distance.

View the full specifications here >

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