Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens - Fujifilm X

Tokina SZX 400mm f8 Reflex MF Lens - Fujifilm X

Key Features

  • Nostalgic Reflex Lens
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Constant F8 aperture
  • Supports focus peaking
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Why buy the Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens?

The first lens in the new SZX series from Tokina, this 400mm lens is designed specifically with the active travel and wildlife photographer in mind. The lens is a superb lightweight solution for photographers who want to keep their kit small and portable. The lens is especially suited to mirrorless systems which have IBIS, LiveView and focus peaking support.

Design and Build

This 400mm lens from Tokina is a super-telephoto lens that adopts a catadioptric type optical design. With an overall length of 82mm and weighing just 355g, this Reflex lens from Tokina will easily fit inside your camera bag or even your pocket whilst you’re out on your adventures - which isn’t something you can do easily with traditional telephoto lenses!

The build incorporates 3 lenses that are silvered on the outside of the glass to reflect light back and forth between the ends of the lens. This design allows the light to fold, thus cutting the required tube length in half over its conventional lens siblings.

The lens elements are coated with a multi-layer anti-reflection coating for effective light intake. This allows the lens to work with a faster shutter speed which is useful in low light conditions.

Performance and Technology

The 400mm SZX lens from Tokina has a field of view of 6º8’ (by frame diagonal) and has a minimum focusing distance of 1.15m. The Tokina SZX super tele 400mm lens boasts a wide grip focus ring that provides a smooth rotation range of 270º. 

The optical construction of the lens creates a unique donut-shaped bokeh that is unlike any bokeh seen in conventional lenses. This gives the photographer a creative edge when shooting stills.


Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Bokeh Example

The super compression effect the SZX F8 Reflex MF can create adds an extra layer of creativity to your shots. This effect means that the background looks closer than it is and is enlarged compared to the main subject. 


Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Compression Example

The manual focusing super tele 400mm f8 Reflex lens allows you to specifically select your focus area rather than letting the camera do it for you. The fixed aperture allows a generous amount of light into the lens, combine this with the low-light capabilities of mirrorless cameras and even DSLRs and you have the ability to shoot well even when the light isn’t strong.

Although the lens itself does not have image stabilisation, you can take advantage of the image stabilization built into many of the full-frame and crop mirrorless cameras on the market.

Versatile Mount System

The Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex MF lens has a T-mount standard (pitch 0.75mm, thread 42mm) that allows the lens to be attached to almost any camera by using the mount adapters. Ensure that you purchase the correct lens for your camera system.


Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Compatibility Chart

History of the Lens

Reflex lenses were very popular in the 70s and 80s due to their light and compact size. New technology and trends phased these lenses out of production for many big brand manufacturers, so for Tokina to start to bring them back brings a lovely nostalgic feel and is a nod to classic photography.

Who is the lens for?

Due to the lens’s compact nature, active travel photographers along with wildlife and bird watchers will hugely benefit from the portability of this lens. Many standard zoom lens won’t have the complete reach that the Tokina SZX 400mm lens has, so you can get closer to the action.

Sample Images

  • Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Sample Image
  • Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Sample Image
  • Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Sample Image
  • Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Sample Image
  • Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Sample Image
  • Tokina SZX 400mm F8 Reflex Lens Sample Image

What’s included in the box?

  • Tokina 400mm SZX F8 Reflex Lens
  • Lens Hood
  • Correct T2 for your chosen lens mount

Key Features

  • Nostalgic Reflex Lens
  • Constant F8 Aperture
  • Supports focus peaking
  • Lightweight and compact

Want to learn more about Tokina?

Read more here >

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