Clifton Cameras pre-order

Can I Pre-Order Items?

Yes. When a new product is announced, we will usually allow you to place a pre-order deposit (normally £5)
to secure an early allocation of stock once it arrives. Deposits are fully refundable at any point.

Placing a pre-order really does help you get an early supply, especially when the item you want is in high demand.
Manufacturers will often ask us to declare the amount of deposited orders we have and will allocate us more stock
to help us clear our pre-order demand.

We run our pre-order allocation in the fairest possible way, first-come-first-served. We will notify you as soon as we
know that stock is on the way to us. At which point, you can either make the balance payment via a secure online link
or visit us in store to collect and pay the balance due.

If you place a pre-order and select finance as your preferred method of payment, you only need to complete the
application once. Assuming your application is accepted, we will hold your order until stock arrives and then release
your order. Your finance application will only become active the moment we supply your goods.

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