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Telescope FiltersExplore our range of Visual Filters at Clifton Cameras. Use the filters to separate light entering the eyepiece and improve your view of celestial objects. Buy the Celestron Moon Filter Set for 1.25” eyepieces for the ultimate view of the Moon plus receive a Moon Map to learn as you go. The visual filters improve contrast on the lunar surface and other bright objects in our Solar System. 


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Shop our range of Visual Filters, designed for telescope astronomy. Simply screw the filters onto compatible eyepieces for improved lunar viewing. Not just for the Moon, these visual ND filters can also be used on other bright planets in our Solar System, such as reducing the glare from Venus to better see its crescent phases. Where filters are threaded, stack them with other Telescope Filters to create the best observation experience for the current object and environment. 


For amateur astronomers, buy the Celestron Moon Filter, an essential neutral density filter that reduces the brightness of the moon, increasing contrast and the details that you can see in the night sky. This single filter also makes a great addition to any seasoned pro’s established filter kit.


For those more experienced astronomers, or those looking to delve even deeper into the features of our closest planet, buy the Celestron Moon Filter Set. Complete with three neutral dentistry filters, a Moon & SkyGlow filter and a Moon Map, this essential kit is everything you need to get out and start exploring. 


Why are filters important?

Filters help our eyes to relax when looking at a bright planet through a telescope. Just as we often wear sunglasses on a bright day to help relax our eyes from the glare, filters do the same and make the viewing experience much more comfortable and let you see extra details on the planet surface. 




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