Photography and Studio Lighting 

In this section, you’ll find all things related to photography and studio lighting equipment. We pride ourselves on being able to give the right advice, and that’s why we employ professional photographers who understand what’s required to achieve your individual outcome. They’re quite familiar with answering questions such as, what is the best lighting set-up for portrait photography? and, what is the best lighting set-up for home photography?

There are multiple considerations when looking at a studio lighting setup (or home studio setup), and we have everything in this section to cater for all scenarios such as flash heads, LED lighting, studio backgrounds, flashguns, ring lights, diffusers and lighting accessories.

  • Canon speedlite 470ex ai flashgun

    Photographic Flashguns

    Shop from our extensive range of camera flashguns from leading brands including Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Sony and many more. Also in this section, you'll find flashgun diffusers, triggers, ring lights, batteries and battery chargers. All items are available with next day delivery.

  • elinchrom home portrait kit

    Studio Lighting

    Shop from a huge variety of studio lighting equipment, including studio flash heads, flash kits, LED lighting, power supplies, flash triggers, light meters, lighting stands, replacement bulbs and lighting accessories. All leading brands feature including Broncolor, Elinchrom, Profoto and more. All items are available with next day delivery.

  • lastolite urban collapsible background

    Studio Backgrounds

    Check out our extensive range of studio backgrounds including collapsible backgrounds, textured & vinyl backgrounds, paper backgrounds and background supports. As with all our products, you have the option of next day delivery and if you're uncertain of what you need, we have a friendly team of experts available.

  • elinchrom 105cm deep silver umbrella

    Lighting Control

    We have an extensive range of equipment to control lighting in a number of scenarios including lighting umbrellas, softboxes, octaboxes, beauty dishes, reflectors, diffusers, snoots, barn doors, spotlights, honeycombs & grids, gels & filters, and balance cards. All stocked from popular leading brands such as Elinchrom, Profoto, Broncolor, Rotolight and many more.

  • Profoto air remote ttl c for canon

    Lighting Accessories 

    A huge selection of studio lighting and photography lighting accessories are available at Clifton Cameras, including flashgun accessory kits, lighting cables, bags & cases, speedrings, ring adapters. power supplies, lighting brackets, flash adapters, TTL units, boom poles, and many more! We stock all major brands including Canon, Rotolight, Broncolor, Elinchrom and many more.


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