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If your interest is astrophotography, we offer dedicated cameras for planetary, lunar and solar imagery. For example, capture the stars in incredible high 10MP resolution with the NexImage 10 Solar System Colour Imager. This colour sensor works with almost any 1.25” telescope to yield tremendous planetary detail. 

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When looking up into the night sky the human eye is incapable of taking in as much detail and colour as can be achieved with a camera. This is where the Celestron NexImage Solar System Colour Imagers come into play. Available in 10MP and 5MP versions, these sensors work with almost any 1.25” telescope and are essential for bringing out tremendous detail of the planets, stars and astronomical anomalies.


You can control your images with the included iCap software that allows you to manually adjust gain, contrast, exposure time, frame rate and colour saturation using your PC. You can stack images by recording short videos and then use the included RegiStax software to analyze each frame and discard those images of low quality. The remaining images are then layered on top of one another to create a high-quality image.

We also have a range of adapters that allow you to connect your existing DSLR or mirrorless camera to your telescope. We even have adapters that allow you to use your smartphone’s imaging capabilities if required. 


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