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Explore our range of Celestron StarSense Explorer Telescopes at Clifton Cameras. These multi-award winning telescopes combine manual mounts with the StarSense Explorer App, a state-of-the-art star-location technology, to give you the best of both worlds. For the best light-gathering design, the DX 130AZ will show objects brightest in the sky, or for those on a budget, the LT 80AZ is a great place to start. At a range of prices to suit everyone, the StarSense series is excellent for those looking to become astronomy hobbyists.


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Celestron has reinvented star gazing with the Celestron StarSense Explorer range. Say goodbye to star charts, pre-mapping out stars or studying the properties of each planet. The manual telescope can do all of this for you. The StarSense Explorer comes with its own dedicated, patent-pending app with star location technology, plus all the accessories required to use straight out of the box. Quick and easy to set up, in just minutes the StarSense app will be guiding you to stars, planets and the wonders of our Solar System.


Want to find out which StarSense Explorer Telescope is best for you? Keep reading. 


DX 130AZ - For the best light gathering

The StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Telescope is at the top of the range. It's 130mm Newtonian Reflector is highly reflective and is the best at light-gathering, showing planets and stars the brightest. The tripod and telescope together weigh just 8kg making this impressive telescope transportable too.


DX 102AZ - Excellent performance with less power

If the 130AZ is out of reach, the DX 102AZ is an excellent substitute. It boasts all the same specifications however with a 102mm refractor optical design instead. This telescope with the StarSense Explorer app is a fantastic choice for those looking to view the Moon and Planets. 


LT 114AZ - Lightweight with great light gathering

The LT 114AZ is ideal for those looking for a portable, yet powerful telescope. Combining the Optical Tube and the Tripod, this kit weighs just over 4kg. This 114mm aperture telescope is the perfect solution for transporting to dark sky locations, on hikes, or on camping trips. 


LT 80AZ - Professional tech on a family-friendly budget

Buy the LT 80AZ telescope as a great starter kit. Let the telescope find objects for you based on their position in real-time. This 80mm aperture telescope comes complete with two eyepieces providing up to 90x magnification, which can always be increased with a Barlow lens or further eyepieces. 


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