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Explore our range of Telescope Filter Kits at Clifton Cameras and view planetary detail like never before. Complete with deluxe carry cases, these telescope accessories make fantastic gifts for any level of astronomer. Start off with the Celestron Lunar and Planetary Filter Set as an excellent introductory kit then move up to the Astromaster Accessory Kit. For the more seasoned astronomers, the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit is an essential ultimate collection.


Discuss our Telescope Filter Kit catalogue today to find out which kit is perfect for you and your astronomy.



To best explore our Solar System requires the best accessories to go with your telescope. At Clifton Cameras we have all the filter kits you’ll need whether you are ready to embark on your first observation or you are a seasoned astronomer. 

Using filters with an eyepiece is a great way to enhance the view of any celestial object during an observation. Filters work by blocking particular wavelengths emitted by an object, and letting others pass through. They then assist your eyes to view the planet in greater detail and allow the retina to relax leading to more comfortable and elongated viewing periods.

Telescope filters are tinted with different colours and it is important to choose the right one for the object that you are currently viewing. The only filter that is not typically coloured is the Moon Filter which simply improves the contrast of the Moon’s surface, acting almost like sunglasses for our lunar neighbour. If the Moon is what you are after, try our Moon Filter Set for the best results.

Choosing the right filter for your object is an important decision so keep reading to find out which colour you are going to need and remember that filters can often be stacked for multiple pleasing effects by threading two or more colours together.

Red: Sharply define the contrast between Jupiter’s blue-tinted cloud formations and the lighter-toned surface features. Shows interesting details in the Venusian atmosphere.

Orange: Enhances the details on Jupiter and Saturn’s belts, polar regions and the Great Red Spot.

Yellow: Darkens Mars’ Maria and improves details in Uranus, Neptune and Venus. This will also enhance the definition of comet tails.

Green: Increases the contrast of Mar’s polar ice caps, yellow-tinted Maritan dust storms and the cloud patterns on Venus. 

Blue: Enhances the contrast of the cloud belts on Jupiter and the polar ice caps of Saturn.

Explore our Lunar and Planetary Filter Set, Observer’s Accessory Kit and the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit for an excellent selection of filters to enjoy.

Not sure which kit you require? Discuss your needs with us today for expert advice on which Telescope Filter Kit to buy. 



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