Digiscoping Adapters

Explore the world of photography and optics with our high-quality Digiscoping Adapters at Clifton Cameras. Here you will find everything you need for Digiscoping from leading brands including LeicaSwarovski, and more. Specially designed for photographers and optics enthusiasts, our range of adapters ensures compatibility with various camera and spotting scope models.

By using these adapters, you can capture stunning images and videos up-close, while taking advantage of your spotting scope's magnification capabilities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to expand your creative horizons. Shop our curated selection of Digiscoping Adapters now!

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75 Products Found Page 1 of 7

Digiscoping Adapters allow you to connect your camera or smartphone to your spotting scope as a way to document your wildlife sightings when out in the field or for astronomy photography and videography, achieving a greater zoom than is possible with standard camera zoom functions. These adapters also offer a cheap alternative for those who already have a spotting scope kit compared to buying scopes with built-in cameras, which may lack the compact and disassemblable features of these high-quality spotting scopes. 

Which digiscoping adapter do I need?

It is important to get digiscoping adapters that are compatible with the brands' scopes you already have. Adapters can also be specific for camera use such as the Swarovski TLS APO 43mm Photo Adapter or purpose-built for smartphone digiscoping like the Vanguard VEO PA-65 Universal Digiscoping Adaptor for Smartphones. Another section to check out when trying to digiscope with a smartphone is our Digiscoping Phone Holders which will help deliver stable, crisp images and video.

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