DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal

DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal

Key Features

  • Max payload of 4.5kg (10lb)
  • Battery life of up to 12 hours
  • Built-in 1.8-inch OLED full-colour touch
  • Automated Axis Locks
  • Instant Mode Switching
  • Wireless Shutter Control
  • SuperSmooth mode
  • Weighs just 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs
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DJI RS 3 Pro Gimbal

The RS 3 Pro is the latest gimbal from DJI and has been designed with the professional videographer and filmmaker in mind. Capable of supporting and balancing payloads at up to 4.5 kg/10 lbs along with Dual-Mode Bluetooth technology, Instant Mode Switching, a large and a built-in 1.8-inch OLED full-colour touchscreen, the DJI RS 3 Pro leaves nothing out of reach. 

The DJI RS 3 Pro Combo Kit is also available with extra accessories.

Design and Build

The DJI RS 3 Pro weighs in at a mere 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs*, while being able to support cameras up to 4.5 kg/10 lbs. The gimbal features extended carbon fibre axis arms that allow for greater balancing space so that you can use larger, professional cameras.

The RS 3 Pro features a new Extended Lower Quick-Release Plate** for stable camera mounting, as well as lens support, and a fine-tuning knob that allows you to adjust the balance of the camera with ease.

The components have been Teflon-coated to produce less friction and lower resistance even when mounting heavy cameras.

*including gimbal, battery grip, and dual-layered quick-release plates

**Only available with combo purchase.

Automated Axis Locks

The Rs 3 Pro is easy to set up. You can switch the gimbal on and off by simply pressing and holding the power button and you can enter Sleep Mode by pressing the power button once so that the axes automatically lock. 

Wireless Shutter Control

The RS 3 Pro features Dual-Mode Bluetooth technology for efficient and reliable wireless shutter control.* Once you have paired the camera and gimbal via Bluetooth you can control video and photo shooting by simply pressing the record button on the RS 3 Pro. The camera and RS 3 Pro will reconnect automatically the next time you use them so you don’t have to set them up every time.

*Full camera compatibility list here >

Instant Mode Switching

You can switch between Pan follow, Pan and Tilt follow, and FPV mode with ease thanks to the new Mode Switch. You can also customise the FPV mode to 3D Roll 360, Portrait, or Custom so that you can adjust your equipment and get started fast.

Built-in 1.8-inch OLED Full-colour Touchscreen

The RS 3 Pro features a built-in 1.8-inch OLED full-colour touchscreen which is 28% larger than the RS 2. This makes it even easier to set parameters, check shooting status, and framing.*  The OLED screen is also brighter for better outdoor viewing and uses less power than the RS 2 version.

*Required for use with the LiDAR Range Finder (RS) or Ronin Image Transmitter.

SuperSmooth Results Every Time

The Rs 3 Pro uses the third generation of RS stabilisation algorithms which delivers a 20% increase in stability over the RS 2. This allows you to achieve even greater results when shooting low-angle shots, running scenarios, or switching between high and low positions.

The stabiliser also features a SuperSmooth mode that increases motor torque to even further enhance stabilisation.

LiDAR Assistance

The RS 3 Pro can be paired with the new LiDAR Range Finder (RS)(sold separately) to project 43,200 ranging points within a 14-metre distance.* A built-in camera, with an equivalent focal length of 30mm and a wide FOV of 70°, deals with the focusing needs of most scenarios.

The LiDAR focusing system doesn’t rely on the surface texture of the subject which is very useful in low-light situations or when shooting multiple subjects.

Wide Mode and Spot Mode are both supported. When using Wide Mode the range finder automatically detects your subject and follows focus and in Spot Mode the user can manually frame or tap the subject to focus.

*Tested in an environment without bright lights. During normal shooting conditions, the detection distance of human subjects is 7 metres.

New Focus Motor*

The RS 3 Pro features a next-generation DJI RS Focus Motor to produce torque 3x stronger (up to 1 N·m) and 50% less audible noise for smoother footage and cleaner audio recording. It can also be assembled easily as it adopts a quick-release structure and doesn’t require tools.

*Available separately or as part of the DJI RS 3 Pro Combo Kit.

Enables Cinematic Autofocus

Another fantastic feature of the RS 3 Pro is the ability for cinematic autofocus on manual lenses by simply pressing the M button once. It is possible to store several lens calibration profiles in the focus motor and certain cinema lenses* can even directly connect to the focus motor for autofocus with no need for calibration.

You can also connect the LiDAR Range Finder(sold separately) and focus motor directly to the camera. This allows you to operate independently from the gimbal to enable autofocus on manual lenses as well as with an external battery.**

*Check the spec sheet for detailed information on supported camera models.

**Calibration of manual lenses is still required when using with RS 3 Pro.

DJI Video Transmitter (sold separately)

You can pair the RS 3 Pro with the all-new DJI Video Transmitter which can be powered directly by the RS 3 Pro and can be easily mounted on the bottom via the cold shoe. Fully support your SDI-based camera metadata transmission,  working to provide detailed shooting information for use when filming and editing with the range of DJI Transmission Products.

Also available

There is a large selection of accessories available for the RS 3 Pro as well as the RS 3.

Check out the full range here >

Key Features

  • Max payload of 4.5kg (10lb)
  • Battery life of up to 12 hours
  • Built-in 1.8-inch OLED full-colour touchscreen
  • Automated Axis Locks
  • Instant Mode Switching
  • Wireless Shutter Control
  • SuperSmooth mode
  • Weighs just 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs

Click here for full product specifications >

What’s in the box?

  • Carrying Case
  • Gimbal
  • BG30 Grip
  • USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm)
  • Lens-Fastening Support (Extended)
  • Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal)
  • Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto)
  • Briefcase Handle
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm)
  • Screw Kit
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