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Leica Photo Adapter for APO-Televid Spotting Scopes - Ex-Display

The SLR Photo Adapter from Leica is a digiscoping adapter used to mount an SLR or DSLR camera body to a Leica Televid series spotting scope. This adapter attaches to the bayonet mount of the camera body, turning an APO-Televid 82 or 65 spotting scope into a super-telephoto lens. On a 35mm film camera or full-frame DSLR, the spotting scope-adapter combination will yield an 800mm focal length.



Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter UTA 2x for BGA Monocular

The Opticron Universal Tele-Adapter UTA 2x for BGA monocular enables you to increase the magnification of your Opticron BGA monocular by a factor of 2. An 8x42 converts to a 16x42, a 10x42 to 20x42.



Swarovski AR-S Adapter Ring for ATS/STS/ATM/STM/STR

The Swarovski AR-S Adapter Ring for spotting scopes is easy to fit and connects your ATS/STS or STR spotting scope to your smartphone. Allowing quick easy access to capture extraordinary photos and videos to keep or share. This item is to be used in conjunction with the Swarovski VPA Variable Phone Adapter.



Swarovski AR-S Adapter Ring for ATX/STX

The Swarovski AR-S Adapter Ring for ATX/STX scopes is designed to be used with the Swarovski VPA Variable Phone Adapter. This adapter will allow you to place your Smartphone straight on to an ATX/STX spotting scope.



Swarovski AR-B Adapter Ring for Binoculars/BTX

This adapter ring is designed to be used with the Swarovski VPA Variable Phone Adapter and to allow you to attach your smartphone to a pair of Swarovski EL, EL Range, SLC or BTX Binoculars.



Swarovski VPA Variable Phone Adapter

The Swarovski VPA Phone Adapter allows you to connect your smartphone with a range of Swarovski ATX/STX/ATS/STS/AT & STM scopes. You will be able to use this adapter for iOS or Andriod devices. The appropriate adapter ring for binoculars or spotting scopes is available separately.



Novagrade Digiscoping Adapter - For DSLR - Nikon - Ex Demonstration Model

What is a Novagrade Digiscoping Adapter?

The Novagrade DSLR digiscoping adapter offers a universal and ultra compact solution to attach a Canon or Nikon DSLR body to most spotting scopes.

New (Box Opened)

All of our ex-demonstration products are brand new. However, the box may have been opened in store at the request of a customer. Some items will have been used for display only. In both instances, the product will be reduced in price and sold with a full 12 months warranty.



Hawke Endurance Compact Digi-Scope Adaptor

Simply choose the digi-scope adaptor for your spotting scope and select the T2 adaptor relevant to your camera.



Swarovski PA-i8 Holder for iPhone 8

This adapter will enable you to connect your iPhone 8/7 effortlessly using an adapter ring to almost all SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars or spotting scopes, allowing you to shoot photos and videos of whatever you are observing, at any time.



Kowa TSN-DA20 Adapter

Digiscoping adapter for TSN-550 series as well as for eyepieces from the TSN-600/660/82SV series and Highlander



Opticron Universal Smartphone Mount USM-2

The USM-2 provides a simple and flexible way to connect your smartphone to Opticron SDL, HDF and HR eyepieces and shoot video or take high magnification photos.



Kowa TSN-AR56-10-12 Adapter Ring

The Kowa TSN-AR56-10-12 for Smartphone Digiscoping Holders converts one ocular of your binocular into a telephoto lens for your smartphone.

Compatible with the Kowa BD XD x56  range as well as other makes. Full details in the description.


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