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Elinchrom Snaplux Softbox To Go Kit

Two quickly collapsible Snaplux, one Strip 35 x 75 cm and one Octabox 60cm, for easy portraiture setups.



Elinchrom Snaplux Softbox Portrait Kit

Two of the same fast collapsible Snaplux 55 x 75 cm for even light distribution.



Elinchrom Deep Umbrella Portrait Kit

Two Deep Umbrellas 105 cm in Silver and Translucent.



Elinchrom Umbrella To Go Kit

The Elinchrom Umbrella To Go Kit contains 2 Umbrellas 105 cm in Silver and White/Translucent.



Elinchrom 16cm Reflector - Dark Grey

The Elinchrom 16cm Reflector - Dark Grey has been designed to better match the colour scheme of Elinchrom heads.



Phottix S-Type 18cm Barndoors, Grid and Gel Set

Why Should I Buy Phottix S-Type 18cm Barndoors Grid and Gel Set?

The Phottix S-Type 18cm Barndoors, Grid and Gel set fits 7” reflectors on the market and will give you the ability to better control the shape and light from your studio lights. The barndoors are mountable and are suitable for the Phottix Indra 500, Phottix Indra 360 and other 7” reflectors.



Phottix 18cm Honeycomb Grid Set

Why do I need the Phottix 18cm (7") Honeycomb Grid Set?

The Phottix 18cm Honeycomb Grid Set comes with four different angled reflectors that allow you to control your lights with much more precision. The grids come in 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees.



Hahnel Module Softbox

Key Features

  • The magnetic clamp allows accessories to be attached in seconds (sold separately)
  • Once using a clamp this softbox is compatible with the majority of other Speedlights on the market.
  • Allows you to create softer more flattering shadows
  • Box made of 100% biodegradable material



Rotolight Anova Pro Replacement Filter Pack

Replacement 4 filter pack for Anova V2, PRO & PRO 2

What’s in the box?

  • Cosmetic Peach (184)
  • White Diffusion (216)
  • Half White Diffusion (250)
  • 1/8 Magenta (279)



Rotolight Anova Honeycomb Louvre

The Rotolight Anova Honeycomb Louvre is the must-have “light shaping” accessory that allows you full control of the light beam by lowering it to just 40º.



Rotolight Anova 10 Piece Add-on Colour FX Pack

This pack of 10 Colour FX filters is perfect for videographers and photographers alike. Designed for use with the Rotolight Anova V1, V2, and Pro series, these filters can be used to enrich portrait photography, music videos, documentaries, and interviews.



Rotolight Illuminator with Umbrella Mount Bundle

Great for Portraits, Groups and Video Interviews. Gives off a 180° spread of light. Kit includes the Umbrella Bracket Mount allowing easy attachment to NEO 2, AEOS or Anova PRO 2 LED lights.


130 Products Found Page 1 of 11

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