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Browse our wide selection of Mobile Audio tools at Clifton Cameras. We have all the equipment you could need to create premium sounds that will boost any project. Suitable for all the major operating systems including iOS and Android, many of these tools will allow you to record instruments, podcasts, streams and much more. Whether you are a professional sound recorder or an enthusiastic hobbyist, we have the equipment for you.

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20 Products Found Page 1 of 2
20 Products Found Page 1 of 2

In a world where mobile is the way forward and careers such as YouTube, TikTok, streaming and podcasting are growing in popularity we understand that having mediocre mobile audio quality is not good enough. That’s why at Clifton Cameras we stock a wide range of audio equipment that is compatible with your smartphone and other devices that will elevate any project to the next level. 

Best audio tools for Podcasting

For a podcast sound quality is everything – literally! So you really need the best kit to make your podcast stand out against the others. Take a look at the Q2U Recording and Podcast Kit from Samson, it is one microphone that comes with everything you require to set up in a studio or on the go. Because creativity can hit anywhere. With a USB, Headphone and XLR output the Q2U integrates into any setup that you may already have and requires no additional software downloads to work.

Best audio tools for YouTube

Youtube is a well-established industry now and runs as professionally as any television channel. To ensure you are getting the best audio for whatever your content is going to be this week a lavalier microphone is the way to go. The Samson Go Mic Lavalier plugs directly into your smartphone or camera to offer professional-quality audio. Whether you are recording an interview, product review or talking head, the lavalier microphone is discreet but professional-quality.

Best audio tools for Streaming

Stream directly from your mobile or tablet with top-quality sound from the Rode VideoMix Me Lightning. This small device packs a punch in improving the audio quality of your video and comes with all the bits you need including a windshield – check out the video on the page to hear for yourself! 

Best audio tools for TikTok

TikTok is rapidly growing in popularity and when you have just one minute of video, your audio needs to grab peoples attention. That’s why we suggest trying out the Boya BY-M100UC mini microphone. This tiny device is incredibly easy to use, it simply plugs directly into your phone and that is it – no buttons, software or apps necessary for excellent audio. 

Best audio tools for Music Recording

When you are making music it will come as no surprise that audio quality is key. The Samson G-Track Pro is the tool that is going to improve not just your sound quality but your workflow. As well as being a microphone it is also an audio interface and a mixer that can record onto two individual tracks, perfect for an instrument and vocals for example. 

Browse our whole selection of mobile-friendly audio tools today or chat with our team of experts to find out which microphone is going to make your project excel. 


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