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Canon has a long history of producing, high-quality imaging devices. Dating back to the early 1930s, Canon has been at the forefront of the research and manufacture of many of the camera devices that we take for granted today. Their legendary range of 35mm cameras includes the world's first camera with an embedded micro-computer-the AE-1. Nowadays they are pushing the boundaries of mirrorless photography, seeing further with impressive optics, and producing some of the best art printers on the market.
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Canon range

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Clifton Cameras are an official Canon UK professional partner, meaning you can always be assured of official UK products, a 2-year warranty on any Canon purchase and award-winning pre and post-sale support by staff that are trained by Canon UK.  Browse all the latest products from Canon here.

  • EOS R3

    The long-awaited arrival of the incredible Canon EOS R3 >

  • EOS R5

    Check out the latest and greatest model from Canon, the Canon EOS R5 >

  • EOS R7
    CANON EOS R7 front image

    A real powerhouse and all-in-one camera, the Canon EOS R7 >

Canon introduced their EOS series of cameras in 1987, named after the goddess of the dawn.  These auto-focus SLR cameras started a long journey of progression, including the EOS 5, which saw the first-ever camera to incorporate eye-controlled auto-focus, introduced to the market in 1992.  With the advent of digital cameras, Canon continued its position as one of the world's leading camera manufacturers.  Digital EOS has become a preferred choice of professional photographers and hobbyist users.  The Canon EOS 5D, arguably one of Canon's most successful digital SLR cameras of all time continues to be a world leader in performance and agility.

Canon Free 48hr Test Drive

Clifton Cameras and Canon are offering you the chance to test out a wide range of Canon products for FREE for 48 hours. What is better than being able to test out a product in a chosen environment to make sure it will be a good addition to your kit bag.

Canon Cameras

Canon Cameras are amongst the highest-quality cameras currently available on the market. Ranging from large format Digital-SLR bodies, Professional level Mirrorless cameras and straightforward Digital cameras. With their decades worth of experience you can be assured that Canon has worked tirelessly to optimise each of their cameras to deliver you the best quality available. 

  • Canon Compact Systems Cameras

    Canon Mirrorless Cameras

    The full-frame Canon EOS R system has been created to bring the professional quality of a DSLR system into a Mirrorless construction, with the use of an RF mount these bodies are highly compatible with our range of RF Lenses. Small but mighty, the Canon EOS M system cameras offer an interchangeable lens system in a super-compact body. Discover our Canon Mirrorless Camera range here>
  • Canon DSLR Cameras

    Canon DSLR Cameras

    Go further with Canon EOS.  The Canon EOS Camera System is the most complete Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) camera system in the world. The lens is interchangeable and there are over 60 Canon lenses designed to help you create outstanding images. No matter what you’re shooting, be assured of uncompromising image quality and thoroughly professional performance. Discover our Canon DSLR Camera range here> 
  • Canon Digital Cameras

    Canon Digital Cameras

    High-quality compact cameras from Canon. The Canon IXUS cameras are super compact and lightweight, ideal for parties, holidays and family events.  The Canon Powershot range cameras are advanced compacts and include superzoom models. Discover our Canon Digital Camera range here> 

Canon Cine Cameras

Canon's Cine Camera range has been designed and built with professional cinematographers and photographers in mind. Created to capture stunning video footage in up to 8K. This range of hybrid professional cameras features an RF mount, enabling you to make full use of Canons RF mirrorless lenses like the RF 24-70mm f2.8 L IS USM.  The latest release in the Canon Cine Camera range is the Canon EOS R5 C camera. This camera has been designed with a 45mp, full-frame sensor and DIGIC X image Processor allowing you to capture 45-megapixel images at up to 20fps. Making use of its Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology grants you the power to capture pin-sharp images and video footage. The Canon R5 C is the ultimate dream for any professional cinematographer or photographer. Discover more about the Canon EOS R5 C here>

Canon R5 C

Canon Lenses

Designed with careful precision, Canon Lenses bring out the best in your Canon Camera system. With a wide range of lenses suitable for any situation, you are sure to find the right lens for you here at Clifton Cameras.

  • Canon Mirrorless Lenses

    Canon Mirrorless Lenses

    We have an extensive range of Canon Mirrorless Camera Lenses available, suitable for all styles of photography from landscape and sports photography to street and studio photography. Choose from a wide selection of Canon mirrorless interchangeable lenses, including full-frame RF Mount to the compact system cameras EF-M Mount. Explore our Canon Mirrorless Lenses here>
  • Canon DSLR Lenses

    Canon DSLR Lenses

     As a market leader Canon has two types of mount for their DSLR range, the EF-mount and the EF-S mount.  The EF-S mount is solely dedicated to the EOS APS-C sized cameras whereas the EF-mount can be used across both crop sensor DSLRs and full-frame DSLR Canon cameras alike.

    Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, Canon will have a DSLR lens for you. Their L Series lenses are seen as the ultimate in professionalism and luxury when it comes to performance, build and image quality. Explore our Canon DSLR Lenses here>

Canon Video Cameras

Canon Video Cameras are perfect for any videographer. If you are requiring a second camera or investing to improve your content, then the Canon Legria range is perfect for those needs. With 4K recording capabilities and long battery life, you can find the perfect Canon video camera for your needs.

Capture the world in motion with the Canon series of video camcorders.  Choose from enthusiast-level through to professional models, including 4K resolution recording. Discover more about our Canon Video cameras here>

Canon Video Cameras

Canon Accessories 

Enhance your experience with the addition of Canon's expertly designed-accessories. They have brought out their expertise in the world of optics to bring you high-quality binoculars. Add a Canon Flashgun to your kit to enhance your photographs. Looking to print beautiful photographs at home? Canon has designed its printers to allow for the best at-home quality printing. 

  • Canon Binoculars

    Canon Binoculars

    View the range of Canon Image Stabilised Binoculars here.  Eliminate the effect of shaking when viewing distant objects through these binoculars.  Available in a range of magnification strengths. Explore our Canon Binoculars range here>
  • Canon Flashguns

    Canon Flashguns

    We stock the full range of Canon dedicated flashguns.  Improve your low-light capabilities with the addition of a Canon flashgun.  These work on all Canon SLRs, Compact System Cameras and select Powershot models. Explore our Canon Flashguns range here> 
  • Canon Printers

    Canon Printers

    Create gallery-quality prints, from home or the studio.  The Canon printer range offers exceptional print quality and colour rendition. Print from PC or MAC, with some models allowing wireless printing straight from a smart device. Explore our Canon Printer range here>

 Canon Youtube

Watch all our Canon Product Video playlist here>

Canon Blogs

Here at Clifton Cameras, we strive to bring you the latest information and the best insight into the Canon Range. Check out some of our recent Canon blogs to get a look at the latest Canon News along with some detailed insight reviews across the Canon range here>

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