DJI Ronin S Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi)

Why buy the DJI Ronin-S Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi USB)?

This Multi USB Cable enables your DJI Ronin-S Gimbal to manage the settings on your connected Sony camera via its Mini USB port, which the cable links to the Ronin-S Camera Control Port.


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What compatibility does the DJI Ronin-S Multi-Camera Control Cable (Multi USB) have?

The cable is compatible with a range of Sony cameras, you can view the full compatibility list from DJI here (last updated Nov 2018).

The camera control button on your Ronin-S can then be used to operate AF, shutter and recording. For lenses with power-zoom on board, you can control the optical zoom with the Focus Wheel on your Ronin-S, alternatively, you can operate the digital zoom.

Using a Mini USB camera? Check out the  Ronin-S Multi-Camera Control Cable (Mini USB) here

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