Free Fotospeed Bespoke Colour Profiling

Read on to find out how to get a FREE bespoke colour profile setup with any Fotospeed Paper from Clifton Cameras

In order to ensure that your images maintain the highest standards in colour from capture to print, it is important to correctly manage colour throughout the imaging process.

Two key areas of managing your colour lie within your calibrating the printing process, as well as your monitor. When it comes to calibrating your printer, Fotospeed's colour profiling process makes this is all possible - they can provide bespoke colour profiling services to help you get the best from your prints. This service is free of charge when working with Fotospeed paper.

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What are colour profiles?

Your devices - whether a monitor, printer or in fact, any device capable of displaying or outputting colours; will work to their own interpretations. This can create a potential nightmare for anyone trying to replicate a specific colour tone - particularly photographers coming to print their work. The odds are that without calibration, what is displayed on your monitor, won't be replicated on paper from your inkjet printer.

Colour profiles are files containing data that adjust and correct your colouring. They are designed to calibrate your images to be interpreted correctly by your device of choice (printer or monitor), ensuring it meets Fotospeed ICC Profiles (International Colour Consortium) standards.

ICC Colour profiles work across a range of platforms including Photoshop. They are installed directly to your operating system and device.

What is the difference between Generic and Bespoke Colour Profiles?

generic colour profile is a quick and easy colour profile that can be used with any printer, ink and paper combination. This will give a good idea of how your image will then be presented on paper. This method is great for trying test packs. However, generic profiles won't be as accurate as creating a bespoke colour profile - although selected for the same printer, paper and ink; it is not for the exact machine you are using. 

bespoke colour profile is built the same way as a generic profile but is tailored to your setup, giving more accurate results. Constructed with the info from your print, ink and paper arrangement - the profile is tailored to your needs. Bespoke colour profiles are free for all Fotospeed papers and can be obtained by applying for your unique calibration - read on to find out how.

How do I get a Bespoke Colour Profile?

In order to claim your free Fotospeed colour profile, there is a quick and easy application process to follow...

Step One

Click here to find and download the Fotospeed profiles for your printer which contains the following documents:

  • Test Chart Printing Instructions - Follow these instructions when printing your test chart
  • Test Chart Page - For printing and sending to Fotospeed (see instructions)
  • Booking Form - To be completed and sent along with your Test Chart Page

Step Two

Following the instructions downloaded, print out the Test Chart Page. Do not scale the sizing of the charts or alter in any way as this will affect the results. Fotospeed will scan this chart using a spectrophotometer to retrieve exact colour info to build your profile.

Step Three

Send off your chart and application details in the post to Fotospeed.

Tip Try to allow your charts to dry for 24 hours before sending them to Fotospeed. Leaving the colours to air out will allow them to settle down and create a truer-to-colour result.

Step Four

On receipt, Fotospeed will scan the chart with a spectrophotometer and generate your bespoke colour profile for you. Turnaround can sometimes be as quick as the same day your chart is received, but it can take longer. Once complete, your profile will be emailed to you directly.

Step Five

Follow the instructions from Fotospeed and install your free custom ICC profile. Fotospeed will also attach a calibration file, which can be printed on completion of your installation. This file will ensure your profile is correct and accurate.

Finally, enjoy your accurate and consistent colour output setup with quality Fotospeed Paper from Clifton Cameras.

Where can I buy Fotospeed Paper?

To buy Fotospeed paper from Clifton Cameras, browse our full range available with Next Day UK Delivery - click here.

If you have any questions about Fotospeed Paper or Colour Profiling, contact our friendly team of photography experts - click here.

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