Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

Give a Clifton Cameras Voucher as a Gift, redeemable against any product on the Clifton Cameras website or in our store.

Please select the value required before ordering.

Please choose the amount of the Gift Voucher you would like to purchase. (Multiple of £5)

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The purchase of a Clifton Cameras gift voucher is a great way to give to anyone that loves photography.

You can enter as much or as little as you like and we will first send your voucher code to you by email and then post out to you your unique Gift Voucher.  This can be used to redeem against any products sold on our website or from our showroom.

If your voucher is worth more than your purchase, retain your voucher code and you will be able to use any remainder off of a future purchase. Alternatively, if the item purchased is higher in value than the voucher you will be able to pay the extra at the point of purchase.

A Clifton Cameras Gift Voucher is truly a great idea for any photo enthusiast !

Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions:

* Gift Vouchers have an expiry date of 12 months from date of voucher issue

* Change is not given on purchases which cost less than the value of the Gift Voucher presented. However any value remaining on the voucher can be used towards any future payments with Clifton Cameras Ltd (up to the 12 month expiry date)

* Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash

* Gift Vouchers will be subject to verification at time of presentation and Clifton Cameras reserves the right not to accept any vouchers that have or appear to have been forged, damaged, defaced or otherwise tampered with

* No responsibility will be accepted for lost, stolen, or damaged Gift Vouchers and such vouchers shall not be refunded. To deface a voucher will render it invalid.

* Allow 5 working days for delivery of vouchers by First Class post however gift vouchers will be emailed to you within 1 day of placing your order

* All purchases via our website or telesales are subject to payment authorisation

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