How Do I Choose Binoculars?

How Do I Choose Binoculars?

If you were to call our sales team we would ask you the following questions;

- What do you want to use them for?

This will determine quite a few aspects of selecting a binocular. If you wanted a pair of binoculars for bird watching you would want a pair of binoculars that could get fairly close in magnification yet with a big enough objective to have a clear image. The most common binocular for bird watching are a pair of 8x32, as you would get a strong 8x magnification which will bring the object closer for viewing, yet a clean and clear image from the 32mm objective lens.

- Size and Weight?

There are two main types of binoculars, Roof and Porro prism. In recent years, the popularity of the roof prism design has increased dramatically. These binoculars are rugged and durable, and generally on the smaller side meaning they weigh less. However, Porro prism models will deliver clean optics, but lack the durability and compact styling of roof prism models. Porro prism are generally bigger which make them the heavier binocular out of the two. So if you want small and light, the Roof prism is the prism for you. If you want excellent, clear optics and don't mind the extra size and weight the porro prism is the way forward for you. 

- What Budget do you have?

The general rule of binoculars is that you pay for what you get, but it doesn't mean that the less you spend the worse the optics. Premium optics like Leica, Swarovski and Carl Zeiss all carry a larger price tag, yet the quality of the binoculars that come with it are to match it's price tag. However, if you had £500 to spend for a mid range pair of binoculars, you could still get brands like Nikon, Hawke and Minox who all provide beautiful HD optics with a great output and are trying to improve there optics year by year to rival the bigger brand.

We have designed our website for you to have the best and easiest experience in finding the right item for you. Below is a little video of how to use the filtering options, to shorten down the range of binoculars that would suit your needs.

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