How Do I Clean A Digital SLR Sensor?

How Do I Clean A Digital SLR Sensor?

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Cleaning the sensor of your SLR can be tricky if you don’t know how.
Here’s how to clean a digital SLR sensor:

1. Before you begin, check how dirty your sensor is by taking a photo of a piece of white paper.
Shoot in Aperture Priority (A) mode at f/22.

2. If your sensor needs cleaning, go to the setup menu on your camera and select
‘lock mirror for cleaning’. This feature is usually only available on recent D-SLRs.

3. In a well-lit area, use a hurricane blower to remove dust from the sensor. Make sure you
do not touch the sensor or other parts with the blower.

4. Using a specialist cleaner that is suitable for your camera, apply it to a dry swab.
Don’t use too much solution.

5. Drag the swab across the sensor from left to right, being careful at all times.
Do not rub the sensor. Reverse the swab and wipe from right to left with the clean side.

6. Turn the camera off. You can check how clean your sensor now is by taking another photo
of a piece of white paper. Compare it to the before shot you took at the start.

We stock a variety of cleaning products to help you keep your camera’s sensor clean.

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