Insta360 Titan 11K Virtual Reality Camera

Insta360 Titan 11K Virtual Reality Camera

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Why buy the Insta360 Titan 11K Virtual Reality Camera?

Using the largest sensors available in any single VR camera the Insta360 Titan maximises image quality, dynamic range and colour depth delivering high-end professional VR footage.


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What can the Insta360 Titan VR Camera do?

Using eight Micro Four-Thirds sensors, the largest in a standalone VR camera, the Titan produces high-end 360-degree virtual reality capture with high dynamic range, maximised image quality and vivid colour depth.

What resolution does the Insta360 Titan record in?

The Titan is the first individual camera unit of its kind to record in 11K. The camera will shoot 11k footage at 30 frames per second, 10k 3D at 30 frames per second and captures 11k 360-degree photos in both three dimensional and monoscopic formats.

What imaging technology does the Titan use?

The majority of 360-degree imaging cameras use small sensors comparable to those used in smartphones and action cameras. The Titan now uses eight optimised Micro Four Thirds cameras. These higher performance sensors have larger surface areas capable of capturing better detail than previously possible. This means cinematic image quality in a virtual reality format.

Colour depth like you've never seen in 360 footage.

Outputting 10-bit colour means the Titan can deliver potentially billions of colour combinations setting a new benchmark in 360 capture colour depth and accuracy. High dynamic range captures natural lighting and low-light video with cinematic realism.

Is the Insta360 Titan image stabilised?

Yes. Onboard FlowState image stabilisation technology delivers 9-axis image stabilisation without the need for additional accessories or processing from the user. Stabilised footage helps VR creators produce the smooth dynamic footage necessary for an immersive and stable VR experience.

Is live monitoring possible with the Titan 360 camera? 

Absolutely. Insat360 have developed the Farsight monitoring system. This system utilizes a transmitter and receiver that is easily attached to a mobile smart device like a phone or tablet. A unique caveat of 360 filming is that directors and camera operators can no longer stand behind, below or above the camera in order to avoid being in the shot. Farsight allows remote operation of the camera so film crew can put ample distance between them and the rig.

How do you deliver ultra-high-res content to today's playback systems?

Ultra-high-resolution virtual reality content presents a logistical challenge in terms of distribution. The majority of playback systems are only just catching up with immersive 4K video let alone able to decode 11K video.

Insta360 have developed an ingenious way to cope with this challenge in CrystalView. CrystalView is Insta360's proprietary playback system and helps creators deliver their projects as intended.

CrystalView renders in real time the part of a video a viewer is watching, in this way computing power is not consumed to render and display footage that's not being viewed behind their head and out of their periphery. This means even consumer-grade smartphones can digest and playback ultra-high-quality Titan content.

Insta360 Titan - Resolution Comparison:

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