Kowa RP Phoneadapter - for iPhone XR (TSN-IPXR RP)

The new RP, or Rugged Protection, Phoneadapter is a multi-function case for a wide range of smartphones - the case can be used as an everyday case offering superb protection and then transform it in to a digiscoping tool for a wide range of optics.

Please note: an AR Adapter ring is required - please see the description to select the correct one for your optic and pick this from the bundle option found below.

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Kowa RP Phoneadapter - Smart Phone Digiscoping Solution

This new range of Phoneadapter from Kowa is an ideal solution for digiscoping using your smartphone. Smartphones are becoming the new compact camera, offering outstanding image and video performance, and optics companies are realising that they are the perfect tool for turning your optic in to a high-quality camera lens. With scopes offering huge magnifications you can achieve photos not obtainable by modern DSLR and Mirrorless systems. 

The case is made from a tough polycarbonate material and designed to be slim and sleek. You can easily use this as your everyday case when not in field capturing imagery or video. As soon as the phone is required for some digiscoping, you simply attach the AR Adapter Ring for your optic and off you go. The case and adapter are designed to give the optimal performance without fiddling with levers etc.

It couldn’t be easier to start taking highly magnified images or video with your smartphone via the Kowa RP Series smartphone adapters.

Simply slot your smartphone into the highly protective adapter and screw on the appropriate adapter ring (sold separately) - that’s all there is to it -then push the adapter over the eyepiece of your spotting scope and you’re ready to digiscope - the whole process takes seconds.

Currently, the Phoneadapter range covers the latest iPhone and Galaxy phones (see the list below). With new phones becoming available throughout the year the list will change and update. If you don't see your smartphone model listed below, please send an email to sales@cliftoncameras.co.uk and we will find out the options available. 

Available models:

  • TSN-IPX RP - Photoadapter for iPhone X / Xs
  • TSN-IPXR RP - Photoadapter for iPhone XR
  • TSN-IP8 RP - Photoadapter for iPhone 7 / 8
  • TSN-IP8+ RP - Photoadapter for iPhone 7+ / 8+
  • TSN-IP6 RP - Photoadapter for iPhone 6 / 6s
  • TSN-IP6+ RP - Photoadapter for iPhone 6+
  • TSN-GA S9 RP - Photoadapter for Samsung Galaxy S9
  • TSN-GA S9+ RP - Photoadapter for Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • TSN-GA S8 RP - Photoadapter for Samsung Galaxy S8

What AR Adapter Ring is right for your optic?

Below you will find links to a PDF showing what adapter ring is compatible with your optic:

AR Adapter Ring Compatibility List for Kowa scopes

AR Adapter Ring Compatibility List for Kowa binoculars

AR Adapter Ring Compatibility List for other scopes (includes Swarovski, ZEISS, Leica etc)

AR Adapter Ring Compatibility List for other binoculars (includes Swarovski, ZEISS, Leica etc)


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