LEE Filters LEE100 Landscape Kit

The new entry kit from LEE Filters, featuring the new LEE100 Holder and a 0.6 ND Medium Grad filter - the perfect option to get discover the world of the LEE Filter system.

Please Note: Requires adapter ring, see the bundle options below.

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LEE Filters LEE100 Landscape Kit

This the updated version of the standard LEE Filters Starter Kit, a go to option for anyone wanting to learn more about ND Grad filters and a good launch pad in to the world of LEE Filters.

What comes with the LEE100 Landscape Kit?

The one item needed to start using the LEE Filters 100mm filter system is a filter holder. This kit features the all-new LEE100 Holder, featuring a locking release system and improve filter guide blocks. With this you also get a 0.6 Neutral Density Graduated Medium, which is most suited to images that include elements like rooftops and mountains that protrude into the sky.

How does the new LEE100 Holder locking system help?

Using ND Grad filter means you can only reduce the exposure of a particular area of the image, mainly skies. In some cases you need to rotate the holder to cover the area required. Being able to lock the holder in place means there is no chance of you knocking this alignment and also it won't move when adding another filter, like a Big Stopper ND.

Is anything else required to use this kit?

Yes, the only item you need extra is an Adapter Ring. Above this product description you will find 'Biuld your own bundle' and here we have include a range of adapter rings.

If you would like any help and advice with this kit, or anything else LEE Filters, please give our training sales team a call today.

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