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A brave new vision for the future of high-performance cameras. The OM-D provides image quality, features, and intuitive control that satisfy even top professional photographers, all in a compact and lightweight package. The outstanding images it produces combined with the unrivalled mobility and freedom it provides make it a one-of-a-kind, premium camera. With renowned 'Olympus Quality' packaged in a compact and lightweight form, M.Zuiko Digital lenses allow you to venture out to any destination and shoot breathtaking photos, capturing the scenery just as you see it with your own eyes. Advanced optical technology and lens architecture provide outstanding image quality throughout the entire image no matter what distance you shoot from.

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Olympus Tough Cameras

With a Tough! camera, there are no limits to the adventures you can experience. Scale the highest mountain, dive into the deepest ocean, travel through the hottest desert. These cameras are made for the extreme, underwater adventures and sport. They’re dust and crushproof, water and shockproof, even freezeproof. And they pack a host of powerful high tech for catching your moves in brilliant photos and films. Get ready – the world awaits you.

  • Olympus Flashguns

    Olympus Flashguns

    Lightweight and powerful flash solutions for low light and macro photography, with easy attachment. Enables versatile and creative lighting options.
  • Olympus Cases & Bags

    Olympus Cases & Bags

    Made to measure leather cases for your Olympus camera, along with silicone skins and underwater housing. Shoulder bags and smart camera body jackets.
  • Olympus Accessories

    Olympus Accessories

    Accessories for your Olympus OM-D and PEN Cameras. Eyepieces, Grips, Digital Viewfinders and Batteries along with Fashion Add Ons.

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