Optech Cam Strap-QD - Navy

Optech Cam Strap-QD - Navy

The Optech Cam Strap-QD is ideal for small cameras and electronics. With a tight fitting connection area with 1,5mm cord.

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Optech Cam Strap-QD

  • Ideal for small cameras and electronics
  • Fits tight connection area with 1,5mm cord
  • Mini quick disconnect offers added versatility and convenience
  • Secures comfortably around wrist
  • Made in the USA

The Cam Strap-QD is the perfect solution for carrying a point-and-shoot camera, stopwatch, radio or any other small item with one connection point around the wrist. It uses a small cord (1,5 mm) for tight connection areas and features a mini quick disconnect for added convenience and versatility. The Cam Strap-QD measures approximately 10" long and offers a convenient slide to comfortably secure the strap around the wrist. It is sure to be a nice addition to anyone’s gear.

Recommended Load Up to 2.5 lbs (1.13kg)
Carry Style Wrist
# of Connection Points One
Connection Type Small Cord Loop (1,5mm)
Strap Length 10" (25,4cm)
Pad Dimensions 0.625" by 6" Neoprene (1,58cm - 15,2cm)
Quick Disconnects Yes, 3/8" mini quick disconnect
Materials Neoprene pad and nylon cord
Webbing Width Uses small cord, not webbing


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