Pentax 11-18mm f2.8 DA* ED DC AW Lens

Pentax 11-18mm f2.8 DA* ED DC AW Lens

Why buy the Pentax 11-18mm f2.8 DA* ED DC AW Lens?

This high-performance wide-angle zoom lens features a large f2.8 maximum aperture and delivers outstanding professional image quality in conjunction with Pentax APS-C digital SLR cameras.


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Pentax 11-18mm f2.8 DA* ED DC AW Lens

The newest generation of Pentax lenses, the Star series, now has wide-angle coverage with this high-quality, professional wide-angle zoom.

Pentax 11-18 f2.8 wide-angle-zoom lens features:

  • Polished and quiet AF operation using a DC motor.
  • Rounded nine-blade diaphragm produces appealing defocus and lovely bokeh.
  • Quick-Shift Focus System allows an instant switch to manual focus while AF mode.
  • A Super Protect coating (SP) keeps the lens' surface safe from dust and staining while making it easier to clean.

Is the Pentax 11-18mm f2.8 lens good in low-light?

Yes. The large f2.8 maximum aperture allows you to gather maximum light while shooting ultra-wide-angles from 11 to 18 millimetres, equivalent to 17 to 35 millimetres on full-frame, resulting in bright dynamic images. 

What coatings does the Pentax 11-18mm f2.8 lens have?

A high-grade, multi-layer HD, high-definition, coating reduces reflectance by 50% over conventional coatings. This allows the lens to cope better with challenging light conditions such as shooting a backlit subject. It does this by minimising flare and ghosting.

Is the Pentax 11-18mm lens good for landscape and outdoor photography?

A unique focus clamp mechanism now allows photographers to fix the lens' focal point even if the focus ring is adjusted. This is a useful feature for landscape and astral photographers that desire precise focus over extended exposures. It also improves operability when using the camera with outdoor shooting accessories that would otherwise affect focus-ring operation. Pentax has accounted for the use of heating wires by adding space on the barrel and choosing to use a metallic construction that allows the lens to conduct heat with great effect.

Is this Pentax ultra-wide-angle zoom lens weather-resistant?

The acronym in the product title AW stands for All Weather. This zoom lens is dustproof and weather resistant. Capable of resisting the penetration of water and dust particles this lens is especially strong when paired with one of Pentax's highly-durable SLRs cameras.

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