Profoto A1 Bounce Card

Profoto A1 Bounce Card

Why buy the Profoto A1 Bounce Card?

A simple bounce card attachment for the Profoto A1 is your best friend to help push light onto your subject that gives it a soft and directional look.

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Profoto A1 Bounce Card

Push light onto your subject and give it a soft and directional quality. Using this bounce card can help either soften fill light bounced off a ceiling/wall or be used to direct light onto your subject.

A versatile and handy tool, the value of a simple bounce card can never be underestimated.

This card comes with a soft microfibre pouch and mounts with the smart magnetic mount built-in to the flash. As with other A1 light shaping tools, this bounce card is stackable.

Profoto A1 Bounce Card Features

  • Create soft bounced light, or directional fill light
  • Easily attach and detach to/from A1
  • Stack with other modifiers
  • Portable
  • Microfibre storage pouch

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