Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter

Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter

Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter is developed to protect the lens surface from dirt and dust as well as scratches. It is an ideal filter for regular use as it is completely colourless so does not affect colour reproduction.

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Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter

The Sigma 105mm WR Protector Filter is designed to avoid vignetting or the decrease in peripheral light quantities especially when the thinner wide type filters are used with SIGMA lenses.

By incorporating Sigma’s Super Multi-Layer Coating, the filter reduces flare and ghosting. In addition, black rimmed glass eliminates unnecessary internal reflections and provides high performance for both digital cameras and film cameras.

With excellent Water and Oil repellent functions, the filter surface repels water drops and provides resistance to fingerprints. Even if they appear on the surface they can be easily removed.

The WR filter excellent antistatic performance, prevents microscopic dust clinging to the surface. Even if the lens gets soiled, dust can be easily removed using an air-blower.

By incorporating a thinner frame (except 86mm, 95mm and 105mm) to avoid vignetting even with super wide-angle lenses, it is ideal for various types of lenses from wide-angle to telephoto. Moreover, a lens cap can be attached as the edge of frame is threaded.

Thanks to Elastomer resin, filters do not move in the case even when it is carried around. The case is half-transparent so that content can be recognized from outside.

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