Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art Lens - L Mount

Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art Lens - L Mount

With f1.8 brightness, this telephoto lens for full-frame cameras further strengthens the Art line’s prime options

The 135mm is one of 11 prime lenses for the L-Mount system for SIGMA, Panasonic and Leica.

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Why buy the Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art Lens - L Mount?

Unsurpassed 135mm telephoto with advanced performance

Optimised to give high resolution with 50MP+ DSLR cameras, the SIGMA 135mm f/1.8 Art Lens is setting high standards in tele lenses.

Foundational telephoto excellence

Often categorised as the keystone telephoto lens, 135mm lenses are the go-to for many photographers. The SIGMA 135mm f1.8 Art gives a strong perspective compression from its focal length, which is met by excellent brightness levels and beautiful bokeh. The lens will effectively minimise axial chromatic aberrations while giving outstanding contrast and sharpness to your images. 

Built for high-resolution DSLRs

The lens was designed to meet the demand from those using high pixel count DSLRs. SIGMA have poured their latest optical glass, innovations and design methods into building an ultimate lens for high end 50MP+ DSLR cameras. The resulting efforts deliver superb image quality across the entire frame.

The Art Line - ‘Unleash your inner artist’

SIGMA has broken down its lines of lenses into 3 categories. Sports, Art and Contemporary. The Art line lenses do exactly what they say on the tin. With an aim to give you as much artistic expression to your images; they are excellent for portrait, close up, still life and more. 

Uncompromised high optical performance

Brilliant resolving power with minimal chromatic aberration makes this a superb L Mount portrait lens. Capture the finest details of your subject with the large-diameter lens - you can literally count the hairs on your subject’s head, while they’re set out against masses of bokeh.

Ultra High Res Optical Design

The lens is constructed with 2 Super-Low Dispersion as well as two F Low Dispersion glass elements. The design will minimise chromatic aberration that normally causes problems in the out of focus area in portraits and more. Combining this with the optimal power management, gives incredibly high resolution to your images across the frame, even when shooting with a wide aperture.

What is Chromatic Aberration?

The way light is refracted is based on the wavelength of light. This means that different colours in the spectrum of light will focus at different points. This causes what is known as chromatic aberration. This can be very noticeable in telephoto lenses. 

A combination of a high-refractivity convex lens element and low-refractivity concave element will remove most chromatic aberration. Secondary spectrum, also called residual chromatic aberration will sometimes still linger. Many regular lenses will still face this issue. However, SIGMA lenses are constructed to eradicate and primary and secondary spectrum. This is by using 3 kinds of extra-low dispersion glass. 

Optimised Prime Lens for Full Frame DSLR

SIGMA’s 135mm f1.8 Art lens was built to match the specs of the latest advancements in Full-Frame high megapixel DSLRs. This particularly includes those with 50MP+ counts.

The SIGMA floating system is included in the focus mechanism. This means whatever distance you’re from your subject, it will give you corner to corner, high-quality performance. SIGMA has also worked to reduce any distortion. The result? A lens that delivers spotless quality, reducing the need for any post-processing of super high res images.

Breathtaking Bokeh for Portraits

With a focal length of 135mm, this prime lens gives a stunning compression effect. The telephoto ring will allow you to create powerful perspective even when shooting close up to the subject. As well as close-ups, it works incredibly well when shooting a full-length portrait making composition effortless. Pairing f1.8 brightness with a large diameter allows a full body shot the be captured with beautiful bokeh. 

Minimal Ghosting and Flare

Throughout the design process of this lens, SIGMA took special measures to establish a design which resists flare and ghosting from incidental lighting. The lens is built with Super Multi-Layer Coating. This reduces flare and ghosting. The result gives high contrast imaging event in challenging light such as backlighting.

Professional Standard Technology

The lens has been made with dust and splash-proof construction. While hypersonic motor gives impressive autofocus performance. This should satisfy any photographer from pro-enthusiast in a range of applications.

Hypersonic Motor

The HSM large hypersonic motor makes for rapid and stable autofocus, giving accuracy at all speeds. An optimised autofocus algorithm will offer up super quick AF. A focus limiter has been included to give an incredibly responsive measure of subject distance.

Full-Time Manual Focus

A useful full-time manual focus means you have full control over the lens. Just turn the focus ring in any setting to adjust smoothly with ease.

Please note that compatibility of full-time MF may vary based on mount type.

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